OMG. I think I just jizzed a little 😉 Henry Cavill and Tyler Hoechlin in the same movie and in tight superhero outfits to boot. Stick a fork in me cuz I’m dunzo.

Just days after Warner Bros. announced a joint Superman and Batman tentpole, word is out on who might step into Christian Bale’s utility belt. According to Cosmic Book News, the Teen Wolf star is “being heavily considered” for the part and reportedly testing for the part opposite Cavill shortly. Check out what the reported plot is according to the website’s sources.

“The sequel is set a year after Man of Steel, and the world is still getting used to having this powerful god on the planet who isn’t fully trusted by everybody. Batman certainly doesn’t trust Superman. Superman doesn’t trust Batman; either of which causes the two to clash when they initially meet. They do however pair up to defeat the villains (not 100% confirmed who the villains are). COULD be Luthor and Joker, but only a select few really know that. Luthor is definitely in the sequel and he doesn’t like Superman, believing him a threat to the planet.”

As if Superman and Batman teaming up on the big screen wasn’t enough, but Lex Luthor and Joker!!! INSANE!!! I really hope these rumors come to fruition. I’m already foaming at the mouth. If you don’t know the wonder that is Hoechlin, check out a few pics of him below with a shirt and without. Just imagine Tyler and Henry all scruffy and getting joint massages after spending an arduous day fighting evil. SIGH.