Tye Sheridan Is A Chameleon For W Magazine

Though Tye Sheridan had high profile roles before (X-Men: Apocalypse), his star-making turn in Ready Player One has elevated his profile. Huge things are definitely ahead of the talented and cute 21-year-old actor.

Sheridan currently appears on the latest issue of W Magazine. He gets playful for the Ethan James Green-snapped photoshoot, experimenting with different looks. For the accompanying interview, he talks about working with Steven Spielberg and about his upcoming virtual reality company, Aether Inc.

On Working With Spielberg

“One day, we were on set waiting on something. Steven’s sitting there on the edge of the bed, and he’s got his headset on and his little monitor, and he’s just looking around, waiting, and he looks at me and he goes, ‘It’s not the take that takes the time to take a take, it’s the time between the takes that takes the time to take a take.’?I make him repeat that one, slowly, and he bursts out laughing. Steven goes—so humbly, by the way—‘Yeah, I made that up on Jaws.’”

On His VR Company, Aether Inc.

“I was completely obsessed with VR before I even heard about Ready Player One, or even knew that Steven was doing a film. So when the script came around and I had the opportunity to audition for it, I was like, ‘Hoooly s–t. This is going to be huge!’”

For more, head over to W Magazine.

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