Is Twilight Anti-Gay?


So I had no idea, but Stephenie Meyer, the author of this Twilight Series I’ve VAGUELY heard about, grew up Mormon. Her family is Mormon, she donates to the Mormon church and after the $140 million opening of New Moon this weekend, is now nearing Oprah-rich.

So there’s a database of Prop 8 contributers and Stephenie Meyer is not one of them listed publicly, but the New York Times is currently sleuthing around after a tip off that she is indeed putting her fist into the Prop 8 money bowl. This wouldn’t be the first time that someone has decided to strike their name from the record though is it? I wrote a

Saturday Submission back in August, pre-cast member days, on how the president of Cinemark is a contributor towards Prop 8 and how I won’t put my money into the company in good conscience. In it I also mentioned Richard Hayne, owner of Urban Outfitters, and how he has decided to strike his name from the records, probably in an attempt to keep the gays shopping at his chain. Honestly, without them, he’d be a squeegee kid.

Well, Stephenie Meyer has not said a word in favor for or against anything to do with gay marriage, except for one thing. Under Mormon Church tithing, 10% of church donations go to charity and like-minded causes. So in theory, the money Stephenie Meyer is giving to the Mormon Church is going towards publically advocating anti-gay propaganda, as we know the Church does and has done with their tacky and disgusting public service announcements like A Storm is Coming. Kinda busted.

I’m not gonna’ wave my rainbow flag QUITE YET, but it’s all a little iffy, and I hope the Time reporters get more dirt soon.

Does it bother you that someone with so much power could be furthering human rights in a positive light but could be contributing against it? Or do you think that she has a right to believe what she believes in?

Did you see the movie this week, and if so, are you bothered that you could be funding an anti-gay agenda by just buying a ticket? Or is the trickle down effect inevitable no matter where you put your money?