Twilight Saga Update: New Moon Trailer


Last night during the MTV Movie Awards, the Trailer for the highly anticipated sequel to TWILIGHT was released.

If you haven’t jumped on the Twilight bandwagon, I think you might after New Moon. Judging from the trailer, director Chris Weitz is really killing it. It looks like a real movie!

I am a HUGE Twilight fanatic, and yes I have seen the first movie about 100 times, but it really was a pretty bad movie. The director of that movie Catherine Hardwicke butchered it. The biggest problem with that movie was that it looked like it was done on such a shoestring budget (They actually had 37 mil). The effects were horrendous, the constant handheld killed me, and she wasn’t getting anything from the actors. She’s very lucky that she was given this story because it was pretty much success on a silver platter (It made upwards of 382 mil)

Chris Weitz was the director of Golden Compass, and I am SO HAPPY that he took over. I had a feeling he would be able to save this franchise and he had done it from what we saw tonight. The scene where Jacob Black changes into a werewolf is absolutey PHENOMENAL! It’s funny, it reminds me a lot of how he made the animals look in The Golden Compass. The trailer is awesome, I can’t want to see more!


ALL the Volturi have been cast…duh they are almost done shooting. I can’t believe I haven’t stayed up on this. I am EXTREMELY happy to report that many of the characters are actually BC actors. You can get the full list HERE. Two of them you’ve seen in XMEN 3, and one of them, you’ve probably seen at 1181 pouring you drinks not too long ago!

Past 1181 bartender CHARLIE BEWLEY has been cast as DIMITRI. IMAGINE THAT! I know they have finished up filming, but a BIG congratulations to him. I know this is going to catapault him into a whole new stratosphere. Work it out Charlie!

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