Twilight Update: New Moon Posters


So, I’m TOTALLY jealous that Kyle met Dakota Fanning who plays JANE in the twilight movies, but it’s probably better I didn’t. I’d probably pee my pants or something.


The posters for the NEW MOON movie are out, and they are amazing! I like the Volturi one the best…duh! The sequel arrives in theaters November 20th, 2009. Be sure to grab pre-sale tickets when they become available.

Twilight Poster: The Cullens


Twilight Poster: The Quileute Tribe


Twilight Poster: The Volturi


Which is your favorite new Twilight Poster?

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  • Bad Monkey

    Did anyone else feel dirty when they found out that Taylor (Jacob) is only 17 and probably only 16 when filmed?

  • Amanda

    I love Twilight so much! I know all of the books by heart. I cannot wait to see the Eclipse movie! Eclipse was my favorite book and hopefully my favorite movie. The Volturi is my favorite poster. They all look so creepy.