Twilight Saga: Eclipse’s First Released Clip

As the resident 12 year old girl of Homorazzi, I absolutely freaked when I saw this clip of my favourite vampire movies. In it, we see Jane (Dakota Fanning) Alec, Felix and Demetri (Charlie Bewely) discussing the problem of the sudden rise of Victoria’s young vampire army causing a disaster in Seattle. As all Twi-Hards know, as a young newly created vampire in the Twilight books, you have absolutely no self control when it comes to your cravings. Needless to say they are totally disobeying the major rule of being a vampire…keeping your identity a secret.

Goddamnit I love these movies, and Dakota Fanning is perfection playing Jane. Honestly, it was an inspired casting choice. Eclipse comes out in about a month and a half and you know I’ll be seeing it 3 times in one weekend.

Enjoy the first clip of Eclipse

If the embedded video doesn’t work, click here.