The New Vampire King


Alrighty, I’ve got some more TWILIGHT news for you! 

As you all know, I’m a Twilight junkie, it’s actually really gross but so be it. 

The newest casting news is that former werewolf (from the UNDERWORLD movies) is taking a stab at being the Twilight vampire king…interesting! 

Head lycan from the Underworld movies, MICHAEL SHEEN (who is also known for playing Tony Blair in the Queen), is now going to be playing the mortal enemy of the werewolves in the Twilight movies. Cast as ARO, the leader of the Volturi (vampire royalty, and enforcers of vampire law), Michael Sheen, who I personally think is uber hot, will be joining Dakota Fanning as fan favourite JANE, and Jamie Campbell-Bower, as the other vampire elder CAIUS in the Twilight sequel New Moon! 

I’m still anxiously waiting to see who they are going to cast as the third elder MARCUS, Jane’s twin brother ALEC, and female werewolf LEAH CLEARWATER, although I think the last one won’t be cast till the third film! 

So far so good, this is shaping up to be a pretty stellar cast!

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