Twilight “Eclipses” The Competition

If Tuesday night’s midnight screening receipts are any indication, “Twilight: Eclipse” is going to make boffo cash this weekend. The third installment grossed in excess of $30 million from it’s preview midnight showings, easily surpassing the previous midnight record holder, “Twilight: New Moon” which earned $26.3 million in November 2009. Looks like Twilight fever is not going away anytime soon.

This is the first film from the franchise to receive a summer release date and the largest North American release ever by bowing into 4,408 theaters. An additional 29 theaters will be added this weekend bringing its total to a record 4,437. With teenagers out of school, reviews generally good for the third flick and Fourth of July around the corner, expect “Twilight: Eclipse” to break or come near some box office records this weekend.

Are you going to battle the crowd of Twihards this weekend to catch the film? Or will you wait a few weeks to watch Eclipse?