Every wonder what would happen if some of your favorite TV shows merged to become one? Well, thanks to the illustrations of the talented Nathan Yaffe as well as Mike Trapp who submitted them to College Humor we can get a better idea of what we could expect. Take the image above for example…

Big Bang Theory + How I Met Your Mother = How I Banged Your Mother

Here’s what that ridiculous show combination would be about: “A socially awkward, nerdy father describes the night of his child’s conception in graphic detail over the course of seven seasons.” LOL. Amazing. Check out some of the other hilarious crossovers below and then vote on which one you’d most like to see become a reality.

Dancing with the Stars + Battlestar Galactica = Dancing with the Battlestars

Premise: “The last remnants of humanity searching for a new home get a chance to dance with the very ships bringing them to that new home.”

Dr. Who + Who Wants to Be a Millionaire = Dr. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

Premise: “A Time Lord competes to win one million dollars by traveling through time to find the answers to highly specific trivia questions.”

Eastbound and Downton Abbey = Eastbound and Downton Abbey

Premise: “A disgraced cricketer returns to his home in Yorkshire to instruct the local aristocracy on the finer points of athleticism, while the shadow of World War I looms over them.”

Game of Thrones + Boardwalk Empire = Game of Boardwalk

Premise: “The noble families of Westeros play Monopoly.”

Bones + Cougar Town = Bonertown

Premise: “An attractive, forty-something divorcee uses the awesome power of forensics to determine whether her male co-workers have erections or are just wearing ill-fitting pants.”

Wife Swap + Swamp People = Wife Swamp

Premise: “Two families from different social classes force their wives to live in the Atchafalaya River Basin Swamp for two weeks while a group of Cajuns hunts them down.”

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