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Update March 2010: TV.Gorge is no longer allowed to post shows directly on their site, instead they offer links to the shows (through sites like Hulu and the such). Boooooooo lawsuits.

Recently having adopted a slightly malfunctioning but huge flatscreen from fellow writers Donovan and Brian they were confused as to why I’d be willing to put up with the three inch vertical black stripe running down the middle of the screen- to which I explained: “Because I’m never going to watch the thing!”

No, I wasn’t just filling up my room with pretty, but useless objects (also why I don’t date anyone younger than me 😉 rather, I watch basically 98% of my television shows on my laptop: the other 2% is the news which i do watch on the new “tv” as I get changed in the morning. So, after getting home from a night of work or school- or date gone “interesting”- I immediately log onto my favourite site for the newest TV torrents ( To all you readers logging onto homorazzi using a “dial up” and to all you octogenarians out there, torrents are music/video/tv/software files that are accessible through websites rather than via external programs more limited in speed and susceptible to viruses like Limewire or Morpheus (god, is that even still a thing?).

That being said, while torrents have revolutionized how we nerds and computer-adept watch tv shows and films in the past few years, there’s still that lag of about an hour between tv shows getting put online after they air and of course the time it takes for your computer to download them (though these days that’s gone down to about 30mins-1hr if you’re doing it right). Still, sometimes I want my tv episodes RIGHT AWAY; in comes, the answer to many, many of our prayers.

First and foremost, I’ll answer your immediate question: no, you don’t have to pay. This site- still in beta testing (but that’s more a technicality than anything else)- is a free, no-membership-required source for the latest episodes of all your favourite shows. Admittedly, Tabitha and her hair salon makeovers aren’t on here, but all mainstream television makes the cut. Offering episodes and entire seasons from over 100 different series, TVGorge.comis particularly unique in its instant updating throughout the night as shows appear online. Gone are the days of waiting an hour or two to watch a show that you could have just caught on tv… (yes, I know how ridiculous that sounds, but, to be fair, some of us don’t want to watch off our tv or don’t subscribe to the channel we need while others aren’t home when the show was on).

The best part of this new site though is the availability to Canadians. How many times have we frustratedly read: “We’re sorry, but the clip you selected isn’t available from your location. Please select another clip.” Bitch, Please, I’m not Al-Qaeda looking to research your country for terrorist purposes by watching CSI: NY… I’m just trying to see how crazy Glenn Close can get before someone gunt-punches her on the latest “Damages”. So, for that reason this new site is so helpfully versatile (just like me… a little note to our more muscled readers haha ;). I’m most looking forward to taking advantage of Gorge during my next trip abroad or while living in another country where I may not have the latest and greatest internet connection which is the only way living off torrents really works. This site works like YouTube in that you stream the file as you view it so no need to download or save anything on your desktop just to have to delete it once you’re through watching it. By the same token, when you get a hankering to rewatch that “Modern Family” from 3 weeks ago, there’s no need to re-download the whole episode (now a little harder to find as it’s not the “newest” and therefore more seeded file), instead, just head to Gorge and find the ep in their archives, click back and enjoy!

Ending with a more critical review of the site- cause, let’s face it, they’re not exactly paying me to love em’ unconditionally here- there are a couple cons to the overwhelming pros. While there are a lot of different series available on here, the list isn’t completely extensive. Good torrent sites make use of basically all the files that people have out there so you get access to really old and hard to find stuff (like Season Three of MacGyver), whereas this site is more for shows that are currently still on the air or only ended within the last few years. Also, where you can now download in amazing quality (better than HD) through torrent sites, Gorge is slightly worse quality than a non-HD version. It definitely doesn’t get in the way of your viewing pleasure, but I can assure you I’ll be watching episodes of “Heroes” through my regular torrent program (I love the seeing the super powers in the best quality available).

When all is said and done, this new site has created an easy and nearly instantaneously offered source for the newest tv shows for free and with limited to no commercial interruption. Definitely gets my stamp of approval!

  • Jason

    Ahh, yes – my new favourite site!

    I am addicted – thanks for the post!

  • bstewart23

    Great site but… for Canadians hunting down the latest season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, we’re still left empty-handed. No torrents, no streaming… no joy!

  • Hahaha, too funny… that’s actually one of the FIRST shows I looked for on there due to the impossibility to find that stuff on torrents 😛 There’s just not enough gay nerds out there to properly seed RuPaul (wow… possibly the scariest and gayest sentence ever written 😉

  • a little bit chopy

  • Boojie

    yeah its ok but it’s not streaming tv it’s videos on demand. do a post on services like or iptv now that would be good.

  • Check out for listing of TV shows available for streaming in Canada…