BUT, not if you’re squeamish.

So, let’s get this out of the way: it’s not the BEST movie you’ll ever seen. In fact, most of Truth or Dare is pretty prototype and cookie cutter for a cabin in the woods/revenge film… however, if you make it past the first hour (and please don’t misunderstand, the first hour is a good first hour just not great) then you get some classic British twists that come part and parcel with the smartie filmmakers across the pond. Without ruining too much, I’ll recap this one as a college kids bound together by a secret who pay the price for being a collective mean girls group towards a odd duck from their school.

The movie isn’t nearly as bloody as a Hostel or Halloween and thankfully isn’t as simply written as those two, rather it’s a riddled whodunit that has you interesting in solving its mini mystery as much as the film’s angry antagonist. It’s set in the present day with pretty realistic characters that for the MOST part act as you or I would given the horrendous situation their in. There’s of course the typical “Girl, don’t go in the there” or “Christ, just keep running” moments that will have you clawing at the screen a bit but those are always hand in hand with thrillers but they’re not too many so don’t fret there. What there IS more importantly is more than a few surprises about motives and reactionary behaviours (watch it and that odd concept will make sense) that make this one a film worth the rent/download.

One odd thing that struck me about this one- and in fact annoyed me nearly to the end of the film- was how anti-gay the tone of the movie was. There are a lot of f-bombs dropped and the “possibly gay” character is about as sad and pathetic as you can get BUT never fret, the movie makes sense of its own hatred in good time and redeems itself well enough by painting it more a reflection of certain members of its society than its own writers’ bigotry. That all said, the male antagonist played by the sexy and dangerous David Oakes makes the gay part of my brain smile as he strips to show his sultry and scarred self.

So, do watch this is you have a bit of patience and enjoy seeing revenge cause hard core and every turn, that’s what this movie is about. My final mini spoiler that must be said is my appreciation for a movie that alters protagonists and has you switching allegiances as fast as characters get brutally snuffed off. If you’ve seen Wolf Creek then you’ll know exactly what I mean and enjoy the flipping this movie does. Trust me, it’s all worth those final scenes as this ending does NOT disappoint. Gossip Girl bitches meet “Saw” anger and resolve, this one is a thumbs up from me.

‘Truth or Dare’ Movie Trailer