True Blood’s New Promo Is All About Staking & Sexing

When it comes to “True Blood” there are two things you can count on- a lot of killing and a lot of hooking up. Both of which couldn’t be any more evident than in the latest promo for the HBO show’s upcoming fifth season. It’s hot and bloody. The first of twelve brand new episodes kicks off on Sunday, June 10th. Not soon enough if you ask me.

Titled “Everything Is At Stake“, the new 30 second promo is jam-packed with a lot of action and a lot of spoilers. But with every revelation, there comes a flood of new questions. For instance, who’s hand is creeping out of the grave. I would say it’s Tara, but it appears to be of Caucasian descent. Then you have a blond girl groping Alcide’s beefy chest. Are Sookie and Alcide finally going to get all animalistic with each other? New addition Christopher Meloni also appears in the new clip. His character Roman is about to stab Bill in the chest. Please, let Bill die. I’m so over him. Watch the new promo below.

What stood out the most for you in the clip? Was it Jessica fighting with newly-turned Rev. Steve Newlin? How about Lafayette stabbing somebody? Who could it be? All these questions will hopefully be answered in the season premiere on June 10th. Share all your thoughts below.

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