True Blood 5: Are Pam & Eric Over?

Their relationship certainly has been strained the past couple seasons. Based on a juicy new teaser from HBO, it looks that Pam and Eric’s emotions come to a boil. In an extended behind the scenes clip from the fifth season of “True Blood”, Pam gives her maker an ultimatum.

When the supernatural drama ended last season, it looked like that Russell Edgington had risen from the “dead”. Obviously furious with Russell’s resurrection, Eric is on a mission to find out who released him from his cement grave. The vampire sheriff accuses Pam if she’s the one responsible. Feeling hurt by the line of questioning, Pam adamantly points out her loyalty track record. If Eric can’t trust her, then she pleads to be released.

If you can’t get enough “True Blood“, the show also released another clip with Luna and Sam. Check out both clips below. “True Blood” returns to HBO on Sunday June 10 at 9pm.

True Blood Season 5: (EXTENDED) Waiting Sucks – Eric and Pam

True Blood Season 5: (EXTENDED) Waiting Sucks – Sam and Luna