Watch The True Blood Season 5 Full-Length Trailer

I am the Authority“. It’s with those words we finally get to hear Christopher Meloni on the HBO supernatural series. The former “Law & Order: SVU” star joins the cast as Roman- a vampire who holds extreme power and takes drastic measures to restore order. Hopefully shirtless 😉

We’re less than a month away from “True Blood” Season 5 and I cannot wait. In addition to seeing Meloni on the show, I’m on the edge of my seat to see if Tara Thornton survives. In the newly-released trailer, she doesn’t appear which seems to hint she’s a goner. Adding more credence to that line of thinking is Lafayette yelling at Sookie that she’s the “angel of death“. But on the flip side, Tara’s portrayer Rutina Wesley was recently featured in new “True Blood” character posters. Perhaps, Tara is dead but will be incarnated into a vamp, zombie or other mythical creature.

Even though the new trailer is hazy with regards to Tara’s fate, it reveals a few details about the upcoming season. Several characters from previous seasons return including Russell Edgington and Steve Newlin. I predict Season 5 will be an epic one. Not only because of Meloni’s addition, but also it being producer Alan Ball’s last season. The show creator will step down as showrunner and leave the day-to-day production to other staff. He will, however, continue on in more of an advisory role. I guarantee he’ll want to go out with a bang or should I say “fang“.

What stands out most to you in the new trailer? What are you looking most forward to when “True Blood” returns? Sound off below.

  • Jd

    So cant wait!!!