True Blood: Top 10 Hottest Hunks

The Season Five finale of True Blood airs tonight and I thought it was the perfect time to re-publish this post which was originally published a couple of years back. Since the first initial write-up, I’ve swapped out Kevin Alejandro (Jesus) and Todd Lowe (Terry Bellefleur) for a couple of new additions this season. Check out my updated Top 10 True Blood Hotties list.

While most of us watch the show for the storylines and plot twists, there are a few who tune in to watch the True Blood hunks drop trou. There’s so much homoerotism and hot naked asses during most episodes, its like watching a soft-core porn flick. Here’s hoping that the next season is as “fangtastic” as the previous ones.

True Blood probably has the highest concentration of hot men on any show on network or cable television. Since there are so many hot men to gawk at, I thought I’d rank the Top 10 hottest actors to have ever appeared on the show. Let me know if you agree and be sure to place a vote in the poll below.

10. Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer)

WHAT!?!?!? Stephen Moyer is at the bottom of the list? I know fully well by placing the male lead so low here will result in a few angry comments. He’s lucky he even made it on the countdown. Personally, if I were Sookie, I never would’ve shacked up with Bill for so long. I would’ve been humping Sam Merlotte, Eric Northman or Alcide the second, opportunity presented itself. In real life, Moyer and Anna Paquin (Sookie) have been together since filming the pilot. The actor has a son and daughter from previous relationships.

9. Patrick Devins (Scott Foley)

He just joined the show on the fourth season finale, but I love Scott Foley so much, I had to include him on this hottie countdown. Ever since he played the lovable dorm resident advisor on Felicity, I’ve been crushin’ on him. On TB, Foley played the role of Patrick Devins, a person from Terry Bellefleur’s military past.

8. Godric (Allan Hyde)

Thought I’d throw in a little twink action in between all the beefcakes. Godric only appeared in a few episodes of Season Two, but was very instrumental in a few storylines. He was the vampire sheriff of Area 9 and the one responsible for turning Eric Northman into a vamp. Watching Godric munching on Eric’s neck was hot. The Danish actor recently hinted that he might be returning in a series of flashback in future episodes. Here’s a little fun fact for you. Hyde provides the voice of Ron Weasley in the Danish releases of the Harry Potter films.

7. Roman (Christopher Meloni)

Law & Order: SVU’s loss is True Blood’s gain. Sadly, Christopher Meloni’s time on True Blood was short and he wasn’t given time to show off his ample assets. Meloni frequently acted in the nude during his days as an inmate in HBO’s prison drama, “Oz”. Instead of being someone’s bitch in prison, Christopher was the head bitch in charge on TB, that is until he was killed by Russell Edgington.

6. Cooter (Grant Bowler)

We first saw Grant Bowler’s werewolf character, Cooter, in the third season premiere. As the leader of biker werewolves, Cooter caused major trouble for Bill Compton. The Australian actor made his North American debut as a guest star in “Lost” and then quickly signed on to play Wilhelmina’s hunky jailed boyfriend. The scruff, the beefy chest and the Aussie accent, Grant is definitely a sexy silver fox.

5. Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell)

During the third season premiere, a hot little sex dream between Sam Merlotte and Bill Compton had me thinking Sam was going to get more man action. Sadly, that never came to be. I was going to put Merlotte higher on the list, but he couldn’t compete with all the upcoming hot abs on this list. American actor Sam Trammell, plays a shapeshifter. Thankfully his role requires him to show a lot of nakedness. AMEN. Prior to landing his breakout role on the show, Trammell guest-starred in a multitude of shows like CSI, Judging Amy, Cold Case and many more.

4. Benedict “EGGS” Talley (Mehcad Brooks)

R.I.P. Eggs and your uber hot bod. I can’t even comment on Mehcad Brooks’ acting skills. Every time he took off his shirt, I completely dazed off into a far and distant land where I’m eating sushi off his rock hard stomach. WOW, that was embarrassing. Brooks’ played Maryann‘s houseguest with a shady past, Eggs. After realizing his part in Maryann’s evil plans, he lost it and wielded a knife crazily, causing Jason Stackhouse to shoot him. Not only did Tara mourn his death, but us viewers mourned as well. Currently Mehcad can be seen in his underwear pimping out CK underwear.

3. Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten)

IMHO the past couple seasons weren’t nearly as good as Season 1 for one major reason. NOT enough butt shots of delicious sex fiend Jason Stackhouse. The Aussie heartthrob sent many gay men’s libido into overdrive during his weekly sex romps on the show. Ryan Kwanten definitely has a sick body. He looks even hotter now wearing a cop uniform. He can cuff me anytime.

2. Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgård)

When I first wrote this article two years ago, hands down Alexander Skarsqard topped my “True Blood Hottest Hunks Top 10 List“. Sadly, this sexy Swede lost his crown to one of his co-stars. Perhaps I can be swayed to rank him No. 1 again, if he’s willing to do whatever it takes 😉 Skarsgard plays Eric Northman, a 1000 year-old Sheriff of Area 5 and owner of Fangtasia- a vampire nightclub. Prior to making viewers wish they were fangbangers, Alexander starred in a few films and even appeared in Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” music video.

1. Alcide Herveaux (Joe Manganiello)

Before he even appeared on the show, I went out on a limb and predicted he’d win viewers over. With a few seasons under his belt now, I had to name Manganiello top dog, or should I say wolf. Have you seen that body? He’s an older buffer Taylor Lautner. Joe Manganiello joined the cast as Alcide the werewolf to protect Sookie. Hopefully Sookie will develop feelings for him so that the two can film a sex scene and fulfill a lot of people’s fantasies. Why not further complicate the Eric/Bill/Sookie triangle and make it into a square and add Alcide to the mix. Check out my previous post on Manganiello to learn more about this hottie.

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There you have it. My ranking of True Blood’s hottest male actors. I have no doubt many of you will disagree with a few of my placements, and I would love to hear your thoughts. Post them below.

  • Ummmm WHAT?!?!?!
    Where is my Hoyt Fortenberry???
    (Jim Parrack)
    He’s the cutest damn thing on this show!!
    Conventionally he’s not the hottest, but his personality sends me over the moon hehe

  • Dustin

    I agree with Adam!!! Grant Bowler should be cut and Jim should take his place! And IMO Ryan Kwanten should swap with Alexander… Just sayin’… 🙂

  • That is not Alexander Skarsgard’s body, if you make him number one you should at least publish a photo of him that is really him.

  • ro

    I dont think terry should be on here at all ewww

  • joel

    Godric all the way! I’d go twink for him.

  • Sam

    I’m with Adam (well, not literally…). I was looking for Hoyt on your list and was very disappointed that he was not there. We need a feature on Jim Parrack at least.

  • Harry

    Agree with Eric for number 1 but your list needs the lovable Hoyt so I’m just going to pretend he is number 9.

  • roadtohello

    Um where is Tommy? I think Marshall Allman deserves a place on here..what?!? I think he’s hot!! We need Hoyt too!

  • Sam

    Did anyone read the True Blood article in Rolling Stone?? Alexander Skarsgard admitted that he chooses not to wear a “Cock sock” when doing nude scenes, so when we see Eric naked, he’s REALLY naked. Calls for a whole chapter on the DVD I think.
    Oh, and Ryan Kwanten and Sam Trammell should be #2 and #3. I much prefer the leaner ones over the sides of beef.

  • Gail Smith

    Grant Bowler is an Australian. 🙂

  • Louise Currie

    You have not seen the new pictures of Allan Hyde the man has been working out and is fine as all get up.

  • Chris Denton

    TOTALLY agree with number one!! And beyond that,who really cares!!!:)

  • Dbrewer75

    Hoyt was robbed!

  • Joseph Ralph

    hey boo great guesses but u forgot about that sexy ass lafayette 🙂 he is naturally sexy as hell

  • Chris

    What a boring predictable list. These queens need to do proper research before posting!

  • Miko

    Joe Manganiello is ugly and idk y everyone likes him! Scott foley is even hotter than him!

  • DouggSeven

    Oh wow, you left out Jim Parrack and Malone only rated a seven?

    I don’t get the whole Alexander Skarsgård thing. He just looks like an everyday person to me – not really exuding hotness. And Joe Manganiello probably deserves number one given the rest of the cast is just so-so, but he’s Italian and they are generally uncircumcised and I would assume his penis to be freakishly too big It’s nice to look at but functionally…yikes. I could not handle that in multiple scenarios.

  • Stefan

    Ha. NOPE. this order is brutal. How did Sam place higher than Godric? Where’s Hoyt? or Jesus? or Lafaiette??? Cooter Roman and Patrick were on the show for a FEW episodes and they make the list? Lame.

  • Joe

    Well this figures. Where the hell is Hoyt and Jesus?? Both are sooo adorable…

  • steve

    Hoyt deserves a place more than most.

  • daws

    Sam got my vote because his pecs woke me up during the finale. It’s been a pretty dull season for the True Blood guys, though.

  • Belladonna

    This it the most comments I’ve seen on this site in like 4ever! Lol I guess people really like Ture Blood for the story!lol (; O and by the way I know people on here love the white boys ( I know it do lol) but come on Eggs should be like number 2! He is to damn sexy, good face body,6.2 and good personality! I can see how they pick this list but in real life just off of looks JOE would be 4# his face is not that cute lol ERIC would be 3# his body is just ok and Jason would be Number 1! Lol He may act stupid on the show but in real life he’s a 10 all the way! And you guys know it. Lol

  • Wilma Fingerdo

    Can’t find info, but the actor who plays Daddy Stackhouse is dang hot!

    I agree that Hoyt Fortenberry is hot: he’s an all-American football hunk dream come true.

  • m

    couldnt be more right.. i’ve got the same top 3

  • meloddic

    OMG I agree with the girl who thinks joe mananiello(alcide) is ugly! HE has a fucked up nose, his hair is more mullett than chic, he looks like a backwoods creeper from a horror movie! WHO CARES ABOUT HIS BODY WHEN HIS FACE LOOKS LIKE THAT! He is so fukkin fugly to me, i do not UNDERSTAND at all how he can be beating (alexander skarsgard/eric) for 1st place on this effin poll! HOW?!!?!?!? MY god wake up GIRLS! HE is ONE UGLY DUDE! Id rather fucK SHERIFF ANDY BELLEFLEUR!

  • Emily Roach

    Luke Grimes really did look great, but I love that we all kind of hate him for his behind-the-scenes dickery.