Troye Sivan Reads Really Thirsty Tweets From His Fans

There’s no denying Troye Sivan has some sex appeal. I have a couple friends who definitely would love some sexy time with him. For me though, give him five years and he’ll be more my type. But I will say, I live for his hair. Love, love, love his locks.

The 23-year-old singer recently sat down with Buzzfeed to read some of the funniest, most graphic, thirstiest and oddest tweets written about him. Both Nick Jonas and Shawn Mendes have sat in this hot seat before. How will Troye handle his turn? Let’s just say he was very glad that his mom wasn’t in the room for the reading.

Watch the amusing clip below. And PS, apparently he’s not a bottom. Fake news?

Troye Sivan Reads Thirst Tweets