Troye Sivan & Charli XCX Pay Tribute To ‘Titanic,’ TLC, Spice Girls & More In ‘1999’ Music Video

Talk about an epic #TBT. Troye Sivan and Charli XCX take us on a nostalgic ride for their old school-inspired music video. It’s only fitting given their collabo “1999” finds the duo reminiscing about how great music was back then.

The clip, which is clearly sponsored by Beats by Dre and Lyft (product placement), is a throwback to all things 90s. They channel everything from popular acts from that era including TLC, Backstreet Boys, Eminem, Spice Girls and NSYNC to iconic films like Titanic, American Beauty and The Matrix. Skechers, The Sims and other fads from the decade also pop up.

Check out the fun throwback visual below. It was directed by Ryan Staake & Charli XCX.

Troye Sivan & Charli XCX ‘1999’ Music Video

  • frederick.

    How are you not going to do Britney and atleast Baby One More Time? That video was iconic and everywhere in 1999! Troye is so lame and boring.