‘Trophy Boy’ About Social Media Posers Now Available In Full On Vimeo

We’ve all seen those Instagram influencers living the high life. But exactly how real is their reality or is it just a huge facade? This award-winning short film tackles that exact topic.

Trophy Boy is your classic “riches-to-rags” story. It depicts the downward spiral of James (Emrhys Cooper) – a spoiled, influencer and narcissist, who, based on his social media accounts, appears to have it all. But, just before his 30th birthday, his much older boyfriend (Gerald McCullouch), on whom he was financially dependent, breaks up with him. James now must face reality with no work experience and no idea where to start. With his sex-addicted best buddy by his side, James takes a crash course in living and sets out to prove that he doesn’t need anyone to take care of him. He ultimately ends up alienating himself further from reality and comes face-to-face with the bitter fact that if he doesn’t learn to live as an adult in the real world, he’ll never be more than a washed-up, unwanted accessory.

The entire film has just been made available to the general public. Watch it on Vimeo now.

Trophy Boy (Short Film)