Trixie Mattel’s One Woman Show February 27 : Ages 3 and Up


“I put on dresses and wigs and pretend to be a life-size plastic person: you love it or you hate it.”

A quotation from Trixie Mattel that says it all.

Trix- as I like to call her- of Season 7 RuPaul’s Drag Race was a stand out from the very beginning. I loves me a funny girl and this Wisconsin lady never ceased to provide entertainment on the small screen as we rooted for her to take it towards the top. She was dropped in Episode 4 in one of the most controversial RPDR moments and was so good she was given a second chance at the title. While she didn’t win 1st place, she was absolutely successful at propelling herself onto the drag scene and her latest work, titled “Ages 3 and Up“, is happening Saturday, February 27 at club XY in Vancouver. And, I can’t wait to see the one WOMAN show!

A full size Barbie with just a TOUCH less make-up than the actual doll would wear herself, Trixie is playing up that persona with her up and coming solo variety show: “Ages 3 and Up”. At 33 I’m not even convinced that I should be allowed to see what she’s going to come up with, I’m nonetheless thrilled to see this queen up close and in the beaten flesh. And if you’ve ever seen Trixie on stage you know that she can give the Kardashians a run for their money in the contour department: MAC cosmetics down the street is definitely going to need to stock up before Miss Mattel visits.

Run by TFD Presents who is THE undeniable authority on drag in this city, you know this show is going to deliver on the XY stage. Promising to open the library on bitches everywhere, serve up some very adult humour, and combining in what we all can’t wait to see: some sickening performances, “Ages 3 and Up” is going to slay. One of my favourite things about this girl however isn’t just the on point, quick wit, but is instead how much she made of so little. Getting called Trixie as an insult by her step dad growing up, and being denied a Barbie doll her entire childhood, she grew up and owned those struggles and is the strong, independent, black woman we get to watch today on TV and on stage. Good on her!

Of course the pre-sales flew, so you have your chance still to get in on VIP and non VIP tickets THROUGH HERE, allowing you to choose if you’d like to Very Important it and get to meet and greet with Trix herself before the show starts. For more details about the fantastic night click here for the facebook event, otherwise, get your ass to a ticket and see you on Saturday!