It’s been quite a while since we did a Who’d You Rather post, so I thought I get the ball rolling with these two hotties for the first boy battle of 2013. With the Box Office success of Texas Chainsaw 3D, I thought I thought it’d be a great time to highlight the leading man from the film: Trey Songz. Although I haven’t seen it, in one of the production stills of the movie, the 28-year-old is shirtless and looking fine. The actor/singer has a really hot body and I love his tattoos.

Inspired by Songz’s tattoos, I thought I’d find another black, tattooed hottie to put him up against (…and my mind just went into the gutter :p..). I chose 26-year-old Devin Thomas, a super former NFL football player who retired from playing the sport professionally in 2012 to avoid any permanent injuries and so he focus on settling down with his wife. Both are super handsome and have insanely hot bodies with the only difference being that Thomas (given that he was a football player) is a bit beefier and has more tattoos.

Good luck with this one because as I write this, I still haven’t even decided. They’re both super sexy and have their unique selling points (actor/singer vs. football player, etc.).

Trey Songz

Devin Thomas

Who'd You Rather: Devin Thomas vs Trey Songz

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