I love all kinds of music. From folk music to dance anthems, and pop tracks to country tunes, you’ll find all genres represented very well in my iTunes library. But no matter what phase I go through, R&B will always be my first love… especially slow jams. The latest track from Trey Songz is totally up my alley. So glad that R&B is making a bit of a comeback after being barely nonexistent in the 2000s.

Fumble” is one of my favorite tracks from Songz’s fifth studio album, Chapter V, released last summer. I’m happy that he finally released a music video for it. Given that it’s probably the last official cut from the album, the video is what you would expect. It’s concert footage spliced with some standard studio shots. That said, the black and white clip directed by Manuel Concha provides a nice backdrop to the 28-year-old singer’s emotional outpouring. The Swedish director begins it with Trey giving a heartfelt apology to a woman for being the man less than what she deserves. Check it out below.

“It’s basically a song about having the one person that’ll do whatever for you, the one person that’ll go to the end of the world and back, and you not realizing it until it’s damn near too late,” Trey Songz said to Billboard. “It’s essentially about having someone’s heart in your hands and dropping it.”

Trey Songz ‘Fumble’ Music Video

Are you a fan of Trey Songz? Do you like R&B? Are you happy it’s making a comeback? What artists are currently your favorite. Personally, I’m all about Miguel these days. Can’t get enough of him since the Grammys. Sound off below.