This week’s Sports Stud is one sexy decathlete. Meet Trey Hardee, a 27-year-old Alabama native. This boy keeps very busy in the world of track & field and was recently picked up by Red Bull to be one of their spokesmen. However, with a body like Trey’s, I don’t think he needs Red Bull to give him wings. I think he does just fine on his own merit.

Trey has won quite a bit of hardware representing America in his sport. He won gold at two World Championships; the first in 2009 in Berlin and this year in Daegu. In 2010, Trey won silver in the heptathlon at indoor championships in Doha. However, this year’s gold came at a price.

During his final javelin throw in Daegu, he felt an immense amount of pain. After the doctor checked him out, it was discovered that Trey blew the ACL in his elbow. Hardee immediately went into surgery and is currently recovering ahead of schedule. He’s been keeping his fans updated on Facebook posting photos showing his extension progress. Now, Trey will be getting all trained up to represent America in the Olympics in London, 2012. Check out some studly photos of Trey below.

I hope he’s not referring to his size on the left, but what’s the message on the right?

Whether catching some rays or dressed in a costume, Trey’s bod is hot, hot, hot.

If only Trey would peel that singlet all the way off…

If he can handle a pole this large, imagine what else he can handle.

You’ve got to appreciate a sweaty man.

Hello gun show! Those are some impressive arms.