HOW do you not have this app yet? A free download (I had you at free didn’t I?) available from the App Store, Trapster is an amazing new program for your iPhone that locates you with GPS precision and tells you anything and everything going on street-wise within your city and those nearby. Yes, it will notify you about roadkill and possible “brush fires”, but what you REALLY care about is the police and roadblock alerts! Not only does a terrifying police siren alert go off on your phone as cops start setting up and looking for speeders and drivers who partook of the vino- but you also get warned about recent accidents and traffic issues. It’s A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

Basically, how this works is that you download this app (again, for free) and set up your profile: the usual email, sign-in name, location info etc. and then you’re ready to go. Once it’s up and running, Trapster starts warning you immediately about red light cameras and “known police haunting areas” around you. What really matters however is when you get to the weekend. Starting Friday, you’ll probably get at least two buzzes a night about a roadcheck being set up or an accident down the way. No, the app isn’t psychic: it’s a peer-to-peer type set up that works on fellow Trapster users updating the system with what they’ve come across so the more that join, the faster the updates!

A couple things to take notice of:
Turn OFF the updates you don’t care about
Does it really matter to you if a possum is toes up on Highway 12? I focus on the bigger issues on my setup and suggest you cut down on the alarms so you know when your Trapster is going off that it’s something you actually want to hear about.

Use “My Trips” to warn your phone you’re heading out of town before you get there
Particularly great for roadtrips, this puppy will get you there as fast as you can while escaping those disastrous speed checkers!

Use this app to check out the town around you
Not only does this puppy warn you about disasters ahead, it can be used to locate nearby banks, restaurants, gas stations and hell it has a dedicated finder for Starbucks’ even.

Shift through your playlists till you find a song while Trapstering
Not exactly a promoter of amazing (or legal depending on the State) driving, this app can actually control your iPod from within Trapster: you don’t even need to switch between em to blast from Rihanna to Gwyneth’s version of “Forget You”.

YES. This app will likely get a LOT of flack from MADD ladies and police alike (you know, because now it’ll be harder for them to fill their speeders quota for the month :S), but it’s no different from a fellow driver going the opposite direction flashing their lights to warn you a cop is waiting to catch you going 5-over, so I say revel in the technological mastery of it all. Trapster is a VERY comprehensive and huge application that has a list of setting options that will have you tweaking and tailoring this system to your every whim and desire. Download today and let me know what you think.