Although some felt that Luke Anderson (31) was too boring of a player to win Big Brother UK Season 13, Anderson, his family & friends, and his fans couldn’t be more thrilled that he won the £50,000 prize. “A big part of it was about acceptance,” he said. “My whole life I have been an outsider and to win this…” He told host Brian Dowling: “It’s great to feel accepted, I don’t think it has sunk in yet.” He said that 27-year-old Adam (who was in the final two with him) was a “genuine, down-to-earth, solid guy” who made him feel safe in the house.

The win came on his wedding anniversary, and thus it was an extra special occasion for he and his wife Becki who he got to finally be reunited with during the finale.

So what is he going to spend the £50,000 prize money on?

Anderson (who is a chef) told the Daily Star newspaper that he will use the money to complete his gender reassignment surgery. “Obviously you have the NHS if you can’t afford it but this money will definitely help me achieve a decent cosmetic look that I really want. It’s perfect.” He added, “I want to have a chest revision. The scars after my last surgery are pretty big so the revision will make them look like a fine line. The money will really help me get the look I want.”

To finish off, he told the newspaper, “All I’ve ever wanted is to be accepted and after winning the show I am. I was ashamed of myself but now I know that I can be proud of who I am.” Congratulations, Luke!