Transformers: Dark Of The Moon Dominates The Box Office

*All box offices numbers are a projected estimate of long weekend totals

This long weekend, those involved with Transformers: Dark of the Moon can share in the fireworks celebrations with an insanely successful opening weekend! The movie opened mid-week on Wednesday in 4,013 locations and since then has already surpassed $160 million! That’s already more than Bridesmaids has done since it opened! This is now the third biggest movie opening of all time.

A few other new films opened this weekend with less than stellar results. A film starring Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks, “Larry Crowne,” you’d think would do well given their star power, but the film wasn’t even able to reach $20 million over the four day period it has been opened for. Another new film starring a former Disney Kid turned pop star did even worse than that. Find out what it was (since you probably didn’t watch it) and how the rest of the Top 10 films did below.

Fri, Jul. 1 – Sun, Jul. 3

  • 1. Transformers: Dark of the Moon: $97,000,000 ($161,680,329 total)
  • 2. Cars 2: $23,500,000 ($114,430,615 total)
  • 3. Bad Teacher: $13,500,000 ($58,945,971 total)
  • 4. Larry Crowne: $13,000,000 (opening)
  • 5. Monte Carlo: $8,000,000 (opening)
  • 6. Super 8: $6,700,000 ($107,236,422 total)
  • 7. Green Lantern: $6,000,000 ($101,692,253 total)
  • 8. Mr. Popper’s Penguins: $4,700,000 ($49,724,722 total)
  • 9. Bridesmaids: $3,200,000 ($152,574,365 total)
  • 10. X-Men: First Class: $2,700,000 ($138,411,727 total)

“Monte Carlo” stars Justin Bieber’s girlfriend, Selena Gomez and the film only brought in a measly $8 million. It also stars Leighton Meester (Gossip Girl) and Corey Monteith (Glee).

  • Adam A

    I always find it funny that you guys report the weekends boxoffice take on a sunday morning….r we discounting the fact that it is a long weekend in the US and there is still 2 more days to the weekend??? LOL, but I’m sure transformers will still stay on top, just with more money (ka-ching)