“Total Recall” Getting A Total Remake

Apparently, even with all the collective creative power in Hollywood, the studios can’t come up with original concepts and resist doing remakes. The latest film to get a modern makeover is the 1990 sci-fi classic, “Total Recall“. The original film starred Arnold Schwarzenegger (remember him? LOL) as Douglas Quaid, a freedom fighter from Mars relocated to Earth. He learns later that his life prior to the past two months are all false memories, which includes a fake marriage.

Playing his duplicitous wife is Sharon Stone who’s character was assigned to watch over Quaid by the film’s antagonist Richter (Michael Ironside). The film also featured Rachel Ticotin who played Melina, Quaid’s real freedom fighter girlfriend on Mars. The Paul Verhoeven classic gave us such indelible images as the alien with the three boobs and Arnold’s wicked disguise to get by airport security. Verhoeven went on to direct “Basic Instinct” and “Showgirls” later. Now that you have a bit of a background on the original, find out who’s been cast to take over the iconic roles below.

Irish bad boy Colin Farrell has been tapped to play Douglas Quaid. GOOD CALL. He’s perfect to play the freedom fighter. Playing the two female leads are Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel who take over the roles originated by Sharon Stone and Rachel Ticotin respectively. Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston is poised to play the villain, while John Cho play McClane, the smooth-talking rep for the mind-messing company. Ethan Hawke is reportedly making a cameo in the remake and Bill Nighy plays Kuato, the revolutionary hero. AWESOME cast.

Helming the entire project will be Len Wiseman who’s best known for the “Underworld” franchise. Reports say the remake will follow more closely to the source material, Phillip K. Dick’s “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale“, than the 1990 film. The action won’t take place on Mars as the original film did. Instead, Quaid will try to thwart an invasion of New Shanghai.

Now that the cast is all in place, filming will begin on Monday in Toronto. Total Recall is scheduled for released on August 3rd, 2012. I can’t wait. Are you excited Hollywood is remaking “Total Recall“? What do you think of the cast? Sound off below.

  • CT

    I remember watching the original Total Recall at a friends house when I was 8, it had just come out on VHS. I remember most of the movie going completely over my head, for instance I couldn’t understand why his wife was suddenly trying to kill him. What I remember most is that there was a preview for Terminator 2 at the beginning, and then the alien with the three boobs, I think that blew my 8 year old mind. Anyways, looking forward to this new version.

  • Ro

    I wonder if they’ll do the tripple boob thing lol

  • kyle

    i remember having my mind blown with a) the three tits thing and b) that it was written by piers anthony. this guy used to write the most excruciatingly geeky fantasy novels (the xanth series that i was totally obsessed with as an awkward tween).