It’s always great when a sports team or athlete speaks out about homophobia or takes part in a campaign to demonstrate their team’s commitment to being an inclusive environment that doesn’t tollerate racist, homophobic, and sexist language. Two Toronto sports teams have done just that.

The Toronto Marlies hockey team have made pledge in their new video for the “You Can Play” campaign. The pledge was also printed on two signs, which every player and coach autographed. The signs will be hung in the Ricoh Coliseum – one in the locker room to remind the players of the pledge, and one on the concourse to educate fans – a sign that “racist, sexist, and homophobic language have no place in our arena.” This video will be aired during games to show LGBT players, coaches, and fans, that the Toronto Marlies welcome them into an environment free from harassment and intimidation.

Another sports team speaking out on this topic is the Toronto Argonauts football team. Some of the teammates spoke to about gay in sports, bullying, and the Grey Cup and they said the would be welcoming of a gay player. Watch both videos below.

Toronto Marlies Pledge ‘You Can Play’

Toronto Argonauts Talk About Homophobia