Tori Amos: Abnormally Attracted to Sin


Musical genius Tori Amos is set to deliver a new album, Abnormally Attracted to Sin on May 16th!

It’s no secret that I love Tori Amos. Over the years she has consistently delivered fantastic albums full of haunting melodies and meaningful lyrics- and she puts on an amazing live concert! One of the things that has always drawn me to Tori, besides the sheer brilliance of her music, is the fact that she always seeks to deliver a very clear message with her music. Abnormally Attracted to Sin is no different.

In an interview from, Tori reveals that the impetus behind this new collection was a desire to question what traditional authorities have defined as sin: “As a minister’s daughter, I’ve been exposed to the traditional belief system. [Sin] has been used to shame and control people. If you’re controlled by a religious structure, then you’re going to have a very different outlook on life and what you’re open to than if you’re not controlled by these old, crumbling concepts.”

The common theme throughout Tori’s comments is one of the world lacking in tolerance- whether it’s women’s rights, gay rights, or religious freedom. She talks about her experiences during her last tour where she was able to travel to places where women are thought of differently, to experience the way that these women see themselves and the culture of conformity that is imposed on them.

Later, Tori is asked about the issue of Gay Marriage. Here’s what she says:

One of the current arguments at large in America is whether or not gays should have the right to marry. Religion is often used in the argument against gay marriage. Why do you think that union is so threatening?

We go back to that word — intolerance. That, to me, isn’t what America ever was. It wasn’t about telling another person how to live their life. I always said in a perfect world, you keep the Democrats out of your bank account and the Republicans out of your bedroom. But in life, why do you have to have anybody else in your bedroom if you’re a consenting adult? That is the need people have right now, it seems, to dictate to another person how they should live there life. I find that the greatest sin of all. The record explores all kinds of feelings and depending on your state of mind, your set of circumstances could result in a very different outcome.

Abnormally Attracted to Sin is going to be a fantastic album- not only because the music promises to be filled with all of the things we’ve come to know and love about Tori Amos- but also because of the message she seeks to deliver. One of tolerance, of breaking out of the antiquated thought processes of right & wrong and of change.

Several “vignettes” (as they are being called) have been released to promote the album. Below are two, however there are others available here, here and here.



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