Who Are The Top Ten Most Hated People In America?

Hate is a strong word. I try to refrain from using it as much as possible in my regular vocabulary. There are many things (and maybe a few people) that I truly dislike, but to actually honestly say you hate something or someone is quite intense. However, a recent poll has discovered that there are some people (mainly celebrities) that some people hate out there.

A recent study from E-Poll Market Research tracked the awareness and appeal of over 6,000 celebrities to find out who the top ten most hated people in America were. I’ve checked out the list and to be honest, there aren’t that many surprises. However, I was shocked at how quickly the person who holds the #1 spot sky-rocketed to that position. Check out the list below.


He may be the King of Media, but that hasn’t stopped people from having a bad taste in their mouth when it comes to Howard. He’s been perceived as well… a dick by many who have been interviewed by him and many people will even refuse to sit in his booth.


This Hollywood Madam has a world full of problems. From domestic violence to countless drug addictions, this gal can’t seem to get her stuff together. I’m not sure why that puts her on the most hated list. Maybe that’s awfully stretched mouth of hers?


This doesn’t come as too much of a shock to me. I actually thought she’d be higher up on the list. This heiress has done nothing to earn the money she spends and rolls around in and I think that absolutely constitutes some jealous and hatred. Stop being entitled!


You know you’re definitely going to be the most hated man in America when you cheat on one of America’s favorite actresses with some tattooed nut job. (Side Note: I have no problem with tattooed people.) Look at Sandra now… better than ever!


I’m not quite sure why Levi Johnston is hated by so many. I mean, he had a super sexy spread in Playgirl magazine. He has the cute, dumb, straight boy thing going that so many of us gays adore. Is it because he knocked up Bristol Palin? Is that the only reason why we hate him?


Jon Gosselin. The un-cast member of the Jersey Shore. This man went on such a downward spiral post-split from former wife Kate. The real loser in the whole situation is definitely the eight kids wondering what the hell is actually going on. Some parents these days huh…


What can I say? O.J. has been a hated man for as long as I can remember. This man is so legendary people STILL talk about this case and trial. Have they put him in history books yet? It’s no surprise he’s on this list but I thought for sure he’d #1 or #2.


I honestly don’t know much about the Octomom other than the fact that she was in the news LOTS when she first had her babies. I didn’t really follow her story too much but from what I’ve researched, she seems like a crazy mother for these eight little ones.


While some may hate Spencer Pratt, I find him highly entertaining. Remember when him and Heidi split up and he went completely off his rocker and spent all of his money on crystals? Pure. Gold. However, this once media mogul has proven to be a bit of an ass-hat and I can see why America hates him.


Last but not least, the newest legend in criminal drama, Casey Anthony has gained the top spot on America’s most hated list. I hope she locks her doors at night because there are thousands of people who would like to put the choke hold on this one. Remember when the jury found her innocent? YIKES! The uproar was crazy.

You’ve seen the list now who do you hate the most? Vote below!

Which of these 10 names do you hate the most?

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  • Oliver

    I vote for SARAH PALIN.

  • curtis P

    Michelle Bachman

  • CT

    I agree that hate is a strong word, and I try not to hate celebrities because I don’t know them, so I go with “dislike with a passion.” And I like Levi because’s he not afraid of Sarah Palin. And maybe I would use the word hate for Michelle Bachman, I dunno, but she would make a great GOP nominee for President, all her hateful rhetoric would get widespread coverage, and maybe that would be a good thing

  • HarryR

    Early on in the formation of NYC’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center a film crew showed up to do a purported news story on the Center. Once they were innocently let in and began filming it turned out they were from Howard Stern to do a very negative salacious story for his show. Act Up happened to be meeting at the Center at the time. The ensuing madness found them nearly bodily thrown out with their cameras and other equipment almost destroyed. I’ve DESPISED Howard Stern since. Hate is too mild a word.

  • Anthony

    Harry — I don’t know the time frame for when this story happened (I’m assuming years ago) but I can say that Stern has been nothing but supportive of the gay community in recent years …. I don’t care for him, and his jokes can still be extremely tasteless however, he’s been vocal about gay rights.

    On the list — I gotta say, I shocked that Levi Johnston made the list and not Sarah Palin. She may have supporters and fans, but most of the Western world really dislikes her. Levi is so uneventful, especially in recent memory.

  • I much prefer ifonrmavtie articles like this to that high brow literature.

  • DrLunchLadyArmsIvan

    Sleeveless shirts for the win!