5 Defining Remixes of 2009


Well in follow up to a Top 11 picks of 2009 article I wrote, I decided to put in my three (yes not two) cents about a few remixes that’ll remind me of this year. I’m a little bit of a remix whore at times, and in solid belief that something can always be improved on. Whether it’s from the club, on the beach, or just dancing by myself in my living room, these are the beats that got me through this year shaking what my mother has indeed bestowed upon me.

5. Tiga – Shoes (Mr. Oizo Remix)


….not to mention the video that freaked me out most this year. I feel like I’m watching something pirated that I really shouldn’t be watching. Tiga’s original of this song was hipster heaven, the remix is heaven for the hipster who can dance. Starts off with that wicked little guitar rhiff, and jumps right into a song about shoes, and well, who doesn’t love another 2009 song about shoes (Calvin Harris told us he’s buying them for the weekend this year). Nails, messy hair and gloves round up the things that these people love or hate, but care enough to sing about. Click here to listen to it!

5. N.A.S.A.  – Gifted (Aston Shuffle Remix)


Any song that compiles Santogold and Lykke Li has my vote. Okay yeah, and for the most part it’s Kanye West, but I can listen to the guy, I just can’t watch him push Taylor out of the way. Hate all you want on him, he collaborates well and the original was solid! This remix just beefs it up and gets you moving a little more. A lot more actually. I don’t know how many repeat plays it took to get me around my 5k on the seawall this year but I don’t think there was a hot summer run without it. It reminds me of crisp ocean waves and a lot of sweat. And the way Lykke and Santogold chime in together on the chorus is unparalleled and unexpectedly gnarly (yes I just said gnarly). Click here to listen to it!

3. La Roux – I’m Not Your Toy (Jack Beats Remix)


I was a big La Roux fan for a while and my love petered off quite quickly. Even though I love the way they fill my gross need for trashy Euro Pop, I found that long term they lacked a little backbone that a good remix gives some songs. This is a perfectly mixed song. I don’t want my remixes to be totally vocal all the time, and this gives the right amount of beat you can dance to without getting distracted, a little breathing room in between switches, and just enough to sing along to. I think it’s unadulterated genius, perfectly mixed, and something I can listen to two, three times in a row and not feel bad about myself. Click here to listen to it!

2. La Roux – Bulletproof (Manhattan Clique OR Dave Aude’s Cherry Mix)


La Roux definitely made an impact this year, and they deserve this second entry even more than the first. This was the vague song always playing in the background that soon made it to the foreground only to take over my night every so often. I actually think the original is one of the only La Roux songs that can stand on it’s on, but I wasn’t dancing and sweating to the original was I? It’s really a tie between these two mixes. I think I marginally prefer the Manhattan Clique, but they’re hella similar. Summer and Fall wouldn’t have been the same without Elly Jackson telling me with synthesizers that she was, indeed, impenetrable to a bad boyfriend. Click here to listen to the Dave Aude version!

1. Kid Cudi – Day ‘N’ Nite (Crookers Remix)


It couldn’t really have been anything else. Crookers duo Bot and Phra took a song that was a little down tempo but interesting for a guy like Kid Cudi that clearly can’t hold a tune, yet holds our attention, and turned it into something that otherwise, I don’t think would have exploded the way it did. I can’t imagine this year without dancing to this song, without being able to sing my heart out about lonely stoners. The video’s cute and cheap and goes with that indie hip-hop campy cartoon-like thing that goes around. This is the song that will always bring me back to 2009’s heatwave, and a  lot of dance floor perspiration, because really, what’s better than the mix that defines your Summer? Click here to listen to it!

For all you out there that like a little more beat with band, what mixed up 2009 for you?

  • Harlequin

    Good picks! For me, it was:

    3. Pretty much any and EVERY Lady Gaga Chew Fu remix. From the LoveGame with Marilyn Manson, to Paparazzi, and to the most recent, and mouth-watering Bad Romance remix:

    2. The Karmatronic Beyonce remixes. When I first heard the Karmatronic remix for ‘Diva’, I was in love. And they just did didn’t stop. Most recently they remixed a song of hers called “Why don’t you love me?” and my knees became weak when I heard it. Mostly because I have a huge weakness for angry Beyonce. Like. Ring the Alarm angry. *glee!*

    1. This song makes me so happy. Cheryl Cole – Fight for this Love (Cahill remix)

  • Nic

    good ones harlequin!