Attitude Magazine Names Top 20 Eligible Gay Bachelors Of 2017

Attitude magazine, in association with Blued, unveiled their annual list of the world’s most eligible gay bachelors at an exclusive party at London’s Café de Paris on Thursday. Topping the list was, not surprisingly, their cover boy for June 2017, Charlie Carver. Can’t argue with their choice. The 28-year-old Teen Wolf and Desperate Housewives actor is fine, fine, fine!!!

But what about the others who made the 100 list? They include athletes, entertainment personalities, entrepreneurs and other familiar faces. I won’t go through the entire list, you’ll have to grab the issue for that. However, you can check out the Top 20 below. Weigh in afterward to reveal your favorites.

20. Dean Atta

I expect some marriage proposals now I'm officially one of the top 20 bachelors according to @attitudemag

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19. Ari-Pekka-Luikkonen


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18. Oriol Pamies

Sunday mood ??

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17. Tyler Oakley

16. Jeffrey Wammes

#saturday #training #almost #competiton #? #gym #You don't get opportunities you take them! #ibrahimovic #quotestealer

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15. Aritha Wickramasinghe

Happy Monday!! Looking forward to seeing @daithicakes

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14. Ezra Miller

There's no true value placed in learning, if the point of you learning something is to simply know it for a test, to get a grade, to go to the good school. Ezra told New York Magazine, that when he was two years away from graduating from the Hudson School in Hoboken, New Jersey, he realized he had to drop out following a dream about the classical composer Ludwig Van Beethoven. Ludwig was crying, and he said, 'The four symphonies I've written are no good. They're just, like, not enough.' And I was like, 'You write five more! Keep going!' "I woke up in a cold sweat and I was like, 'I need to drop out of school.' I think (the dream was) about how it's the responsibility of every artist to make sacrifices and seemingly irrational decisions in order to carve out their little pebble of work to put on the big, like, art kingdom that everyone's been building for so long."

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13. Nyle DiMarco

Another great shot by @taylormillerphoto!!

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12. Deray McKesson

Baltimore. [email protected]

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11. Anthony Varrecchia

10. Tommy Ga-Ken Wan

When I was a student I believed, under the influence of certain psychoactive drugs, that I was synesthetic, in that I believed I could feel light on my skin. I was never much of a dancer, but I could enjoy nightclub dancefloors because of the sensations the different kinds of light would give me. The kitchen in my flat has been gutted. Although it’s now rich with new textures and colours, it’s essentially the same space that it was yesterday, but it’s the difference in the quality of light that struck me most. Sunlight reflects off concrete differently than it does off wood, takes on a tint of the hue of the surfaces it reflects from. The way light flows (if that’s the right word) is so subtle yet always surprising, and I wonder if that’s why I’ve never enjoyed working in photographic studios. To have complete control over light strikes me as boring; but to let it be what it is, and to use to the camera to try to constrain it: that’s where the beautiful surprises are. Since the flat was empty, I turned the camera on myself. Couldn't be bothered shaving, though. Glasgow, 2017. #people #portrait #man #face #self #selfportrait #selfie #halfchinese #halfasian #eurasian #hapa #chinese #scottish #glasgow #scotland #blackandwhite #bandw #bw #tgkw #tommygakenwan #sunlight

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9. Glyn Fussell

70s porn massive Innums #pornstar #pomzingloveparty #70sporn #beachattire

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8. Matthieu Jost

7. Gavan Hennigan

6. Jussie Smollett

5. Daniel Newman

4. Olly Alexander

3. Steve Grand

From the @outclique shoot

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2. Amini Fonua

#190lbs / #86kilos

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1. Charlie Carver

Such a good time getting in front of the camera with the incomparable @lukefontana ??

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