Top 10 Earning American Idol Alums From The Past Year

Since we’re in the Hollywood Week phase of American Idol Season 12, I thought it was a perfect time to catch up on some of our favorite alums. We’re one step closer to crowning this year’s winner. He/She or some of this season’s finalists might find themselves on this list in the coming years.

Forbes recently released their annual list ranking former American Idol contestants. Taking into account record sales, concert tours, acting jobs and other money-making gigs, the publication gives the low down on the earning power of your favorite Idol alums.

Last year’s top dog Carrie Underwood, loses her crown and drops to runner-up status. Making his debut on the list is Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery. He clocks in at No. 4. His addition bumps off Fantasia Barrino and Clay Aiken from the list. The two ranked No. 4 and No. 9 respectively on the previous rankings. Check out who’s the HBIC on the Idol campus now. I think you might have a good idea. Here’s a hint… they’re “stronger” than ever. I’ve also embedded each singer’s most recent music video below for those who aren’t familiar with everyone’s post-Idol career. Hope you enjoy the list.

10. David Cook – $1.0 million (tie)

Last Year: #10 – $1 million (tie)

10. David Archuleta – $1.0 million (tie)

Last Year: #10 – $1 million (tie)

8. Kellie Pickler $1.1 million (tie)

Last Year: #8 – $1.8 million

8. Katharine McPhee – $1.1 million (tie)

Last Year: #10 – $1 million (tie)

7. Adam Lambert – $1.5 million

Last Year: #3 – $6 million (tie)

6. Jordin Sparks – $2 million

Last Year: #5 – $3 million

5. Jennifer Hudson – $3 million

Last Year: #7 – $2 million

4. Scotty McCreery – $4 million

Last Year: N/A

2. Chris Daughtry = $5 million (tie)

Last Year: #2 – $6 million (tie)

2. Carrie Underwood – $5 million (tie)

Last Year: #1 – $20 million

1. Kelly Clarkson – $8 million

Last Year: #6 – $2.5 million

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  • Jayson

    This baffles me??? seriously, Jennifer Hudson does movies, music, Tv…shows etc. she probably works more than all of these others and she si at #5???

  • Hmmmm yeah I’m going to have agree to this. While Kelly and Carrie are the undisputed 1 and 2, I find it hard to believe the Chris Daughtry is higher than Jennifer Hudson. Isn’t her Weight Watchers deals worth millions? Plus her movies and tv shows. Unless this is based SOLELY on music stuff then I can see it.

  • DouggSeven

    quote “Isn’t her Weight Watchers deals worth millions?”

    Doubtful. She’s not that big of a star to garner that much money and most likely did it for the exposure in lieu of cash.

  • Adam Dreaddy

    Next year, Phillip Phillips!

  • Chase C

    Chris Daughtry also tours a lot. That’s how musicians really make their money.