Top 10 Dance Tracks OTM

As we gear up for the summer, I’ve compiled some of my favorite dance tracks & remixes right now, so as to give you that extra kick at the gym or on your run – and of course on the dancefloor. A combination of remixed top 40 songs, as well as other hot dance songs and sick remixes by Dave Aude and a few others, I also highlight a couple of David Guetta’s songs.

In the past year, David Guetta has really kicked dance music up a notch, working with big names including Kelly Rowland (When Love Takes Over), Akon (Sexy Bitch), Kid Cudi (Memories) and Kelis (Acapella). He even rereleased one of his old songs, “Gettin’ Over You” featuring Chris Willis by adding LMFAO and Fergie to the mix as well! Sadly, this song did not make my list, but the video for it will his best. “I have no workds. This is going to be my best video, I’m sure,” said Guetta to MTV.

10. Memories (FMIF Remix) – David Guetta

9. Medina – You and I (Deadmau5 Remix)

8. Fragma – Forever and a Day

7. Charice – Pyramid (Dave Aude)

6. Candy – Aggro Santos feat. Kimberly Wyatt

5. Lady Gaga: Monsta featuring Ray Lavender

4. Britney Spears – 3 (Esmee Bit Error Does Aude Radio L3)

3. Acapella (Kelis feat David Guetta)

2. Esmee Denters (Dave Aude) – Outta Here

1. Adam Lambert – Whataya Want From Me (Infinity Remix)

  • I am addicted to Acapella right now… such a departure from that awful I Hate You song.

  • Jared

    Out of the 10 songs posted here, Memories, You & I, Monsta will do the best during the summer. Though Memories is quite old now, it’s starting to hit the airwaves and clubs (and is such an amazing song), You & I is getting huge heading into the summer season, and everything Lady Gaga shits out is gold. Acapella may do well, too.

    3 at this point is too old a song, and the 3 remix and Whataya want from me remix won’t be well known because it won’t play on mainstream media. Esmee still doesn’t have deep North American penetration. The rest are kinda meah.

  • Jeffrey Dean

    Thanks for turning me onto Acapella! Love the remixes AND the original!

  • You bet! Yeah, Acapella is awesome! Esmee just released a song with Justin Timberlake – so American penetration, here she comes! 😉

  • Jared

    Ya, Love Dealers is really catchy and good. But this one here sounds like a really annoying mix between girlicious (Nicole’s crazy high pitched voice) and euro electronic.

  • rainymonday

    i love Pyramid…..

  • Jared

    Oh, and might I add that Tiesto vs Tegan and Sara – Feel it in my bones is an amazing and chill song for the summer, too 🙂

  • Not to be rude, but I sincerely think this song* belongs on this list somewhere. 😉 *(

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