American Idol 9: Top 9 Elimination “Whataya Want from Me”


With tonight’s results show, Ryan demonstrated one very valuable talent… he could deliver two eliminations in a expeditious manner. The first Idol casualty was revealed within the first fifteen minutes. Of course the second one didn’t come til almost 45 minutes later after oodles of filler. Tonight fully proved the results could be handed out in a more viewing friendly 30 minute show.


  • Elvis Presley Medley Group Performance: I was too busy prepping something to eat and missed most of this, but what I did witness was the usual cheesy dance moves and uncomfortable facial expressions from a few of the Idol contestants. If the producers insist on including these numbers, I urge them to stop making the contestants lip sync and force them to sing live. As awkward as some of the contestants are dancing… they’re even more awkward lip syncing.
  • Idol Gives Back Teaser: Season five favorite, Elliott Yamin, and Kara DioGuardi are shown heading down to Africa to do some philanthropy. I’m sure more footage from their trip will be included in the two hour “Idol Gives Back” special in a couple of weeks.

  • Random Out-Of-Nowhere Duet: Goddess Brooke White (my fave from season 7) performed “If I Can Dream” with former Miley Cyrus boy toy Justin Gaston. Totally Random. They apparently started working on this duet just a week ago (definitely could tell). But if you somehow enjoyed the performance, you can download the song free on iTunes.
  • Only Filler That Was Entertaining: With his fancy green laser light show, Adam Lambert’s performance of his hit “Whataya Want For Me”, was the only filler I could stomach to watch. Did you know this song was originally intended for Pink’s “Funhouse”, but for some reason or another it wasn’t included. As much as I love Adam’s version, I’d love to check out Pink’s rendition for comparison.


Now on to the main purpose of the show… the results. Unceremoniously, Andrew Garcia was the first one to receive the bad news tonight. After briefly bringing out Aaron, Lee and Andrew to the middle of the stage, Garcia was revealed to be going home tonight. As his swan song, he decided to perform James Morrison’s “You Give Me Something”. Such high hopes for Garcia early on the season, but sadly for him, he was a victim of over-hype, peaking too early and not living to lofty expectations.

The second to receive the lowest number of votes was teenager Katie Stevens. While I have no delusion that Katie was going to win this thing, I was mildly shocked she was sent packing. Sure there are a lot of Katie haters out there, but realistically, I’d rather watch her sing for the next couple of weeks than Teflon Tim or Aaron Kelly. At least she was improving and more entertaining. You knew her fate was sealed when Tim was declared safe leaving Michael and her as the last two. After being saved last week, there was no way in the world Lynche was going home tonight. Poor girl could barely hold it in while performing “Let It Be” as her swan song.


One of the positives about having two eliminations in one night, is that it increases my chances of getting at least one prediction right. While I correctly predicted Andrew going, Katie was a bit of a surprise. Having said that, I’m at 3-2 for the finals and my season prediction record is 8 correct and 9 incorrect. At this point, I’m hoping to increase my season prediction to at least a .500 batting average.

America, here is your “FINAL 7”. Hope you’re proud. Get ready for some “inspirational” songs and Alicia Keys mentoring for next week’s show.


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  • Anthony

    I really do know he is nowhere the best and should never be mistaken as a gifted singer, but I’ll be honest… Tim is growing on me. I kind of don’t want him to go yet… maybe it’s the smile.. or the biceps… or his innocent voice. I don’t know but I found myself rooting for him last night.

    However, ths season is such a write-off. Crystal is so good, and is single-handedly carrying the show… but I’m forced to wonder that on any other season would she be considered this good?

    Honestly, aside from a soft spot for Tim, and I love for Crystal, I am sincerely apathetic towards AI this season.

  • Ben

    A series of national studies conducted among 8,110 American Idol viewers revealed that the elimination of contestant Katie Stevens during the show’s elimination last night did not accurately reflect the viewers’ choice. Aaron Kelly and Andrew Garcia were rated as most likely to be eliminated by viewers. The study parallels American Idol voting to determine the weekly winners based on a democratic, “one person, one vote” methodology.
    More in depth results can be seen at: