The 50 Best Gay-Themed Commercials

Who doesn’t love a commercial with gay undertones? More often than not, gays and lesbians have been used to add humor to an ad campaign. Lately though, the LGBT community is being shown in more of a positive light and not just as a punchline for a comedic commercial. Progress indeed. It truly does get better *wink*.

For Gay Pride Month in June, compiled their 50 favorite gay-themed commercials from all around the world. They divided the clips into six different categories: Surprise, he/she is gay; Don’t tell Mom!; Swings both ways; Actually straight; Lesbians are hot; and Activist. I checked them all out and selected my ten favorite from their list. Check out which ones I liked below.

Virgin Atlantic

YEAR: 2004
COUNTRY: South Africa

One of my favorite gay-themed ads of all time, even if it does have a bit of a “homo-queasy” punch line.

Durex Condoms

YEAR: 2009
AGENCY: McCann Erickson

Now this, this is just hilarious.

Bjorn Borg

YEAR: 2008
AGENCY: Farfar

When fashion house Bjorn Borg decided to launch a fully inclusive dating section of its site in 2008, the Swedish brand decided to go a few steps beyond just supporting gay marriage.

Bianco Footwear

YEAR: 2008
COUNTRY: Denmark

Not all inclusive ads have to treat gays like straights. Bianco Footwear made an entire campaign about homosexuality being a great way to double your shoe collection.
There’s also a lesbian version

Muddy York

YEAR: 2011
AGENCY: Henderson Bas Kohn/The Corner Store

A recruitment mockumentary from Toronto’s gay rugby team, the Muddy York Rugby Football Club. A guy comes out of the closet and realizes he loves men … and rugby.


YEAR: 2003
AGENCY: St. Luke’s

Does this ad perpetuate stereotypes or just have some edgy fun with them? You could argue either way, but the sheer fact it was made at all says a lot about our comfort level with discussing gay sexuality.


YEAR: 2001
AGENCY: Public Interest Productions/Radical Media

One of the few ads that show gay people being active in a subculture, especially one as adrenaline-fueled as skating.


YEAR: 2006
AGENCY: Leo Burnett

This couple actually has more in common than they think.

Absolut Cut

YEAR: 2006
COUNTRY: Australia

Subtitled subtext is a pretty tired ad cliché, but it’s a nice way to show how much goes unsaid when parents and children decide to ignore the obvious.


YEAR: 2010
COUNTRY: Austria
AGENCY: Unknown

A fun ad with a cool twist, this Austrian spot for Ikea is one of many that seem distrustful of bisexuals.

To check out the other 40 commercials picked by AdWeek, head over to their website.

  • garypeter

    Just to mention which I thought more impressive than the others…..Funniest: the condom, doggie orgy…….most impressive with best messagae: the rugby team…….humor filled……..travelocity gay attendants asking for your ‘business’……and the most lovely…..the Bjorn Bork wedding sequence! The day I begin to see these in the US, without fear of Focus on the Family, Catholic League, Michelle Bachmann/Sarah Palin…..will be the day I run into the nearest suburb and kiss the first man I see, then go to HS reunion with best looking, most sensual man I can find, and be affectionate without fear. I hope this happens in my lifetime.