Top 5 Thursdays: My Laminated List


Typically my fellow cast member Donovan provides y’all with the Friday drools once you’ve looked at his weekly man crush, but his week I’m taking a page (maybe more like a paragraph) out of his book and list off my Top 5 Laminated list mens.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with a “Laminated List” (don’t read this, Mom) Urban Dictionary describes this as “A list of the top 5 people, usually celebrities, with whom you could have sex with without repercussions, if the opportunity arose, regardless of whether you were in a relationship or not.”  I’m going to go with the latter part of the relationship status – “or not” (that’s right, I’m single and taking applications) and share my laminated list .  So here goes…


5) Aaron Eckhart
There is something about Aaron’s smile that makes me melt.  I don’t know if it’s the way his eyes squint when smiles or the dimple on his left cheek, but whew.  I would be his Erin Brockevich any time he wants.  I also love when he’s got a little scruff and his hair is messy, it’s a very “just rolled out of bed and I still look sexy” look and I could live with that.


4) Boris Kodjoe
Oh.  My.   This man has such an amazing body and his face is perfection.  I’m also partial to the shaved head look he’s workin’.  The lips, the eyes, the chin strap – homeboy has got it goin’ on… and on and on.  If I was Salt & Pepa I would say he is “foine” (“fine” spoken in ghetto) I would like to bring him home for Christmas and introduce him to my family.  I have no problem dressing up as Madea and telling him to come over for Sunday dinner if that’ll get him here.


3) Dermot Mulroney
So this might seem a little different, and I don’t care.  I’ve had a crush on Dermot Mulroney ever since he played Michael O’Neal, Julia Robert’s bff in “My Best Friend’s Wedding.”   I vividly remember the point in the movie where I fell for him – it was when they’re on the boat after spending the day together and he starts singing “The Way You Look Tonight” to Julia while they slowly dance.  They pass under the bridge and he moves a bit of hair out of her face.  Fell in love.  To my future husband: you can propose to me like that, take me on a date like that or just buy me the DVD and watch it with me and I would still think you were the most romantic man alive.


2) Gilles Marini
Accents, accents, accents!  I was first exposed, and by exposed I mean side/frontal/rear, to Gilles in Sex and The City the movie.  Unfortunately I was in the theater so I didn’t have the luxury of rewinding his scenes, but I promptly committed them to memory.  Gilles is by far one of the sexy men I’ve ever seen and not just because of his body.  His accent is beautiful and the confidence he exudes – even through TV/Film – is captivating.  His tall, dark and extremely handsome features don’t hurt either.  Gilles, je te voudrais dans mon lit.


1) George Clooney
I don’t know that I’ve always had a crush on George Clooney so much as I just think he is a classy, sexy, gentleman.  I love the salt and pepper hair, tanned olive skin and the smirk he has perfected.  This perpetual bachelor – I say this because he’s never settled down – is my definition of a daddy, (the silver fox, non-creepy kind).  George’s dry sense of humor (from what I’ve seen on Oprah interviews and red carpet awards) is right in line with mine and I’m confident we’d get along just fine.  I picture myself baking lasagna in his Italian Villa while he reads me scripts and asks for my opinion.  Or we could just see if Ocean really is 11, 12 or 13… if you catch my drift.

  • Aaron Eckhart is possibly my dream man 🙂
    In my current state I don’t exactly need a “list” to be allowed to pounce that puma, but if I did, he’d be nearin’ the top of the charts!!