My Top 11 Music Videos of 2011

I AM A MUSIC VIDEO ADDICT. I’m the first one to view it, first one to post it, and what’s better than seeing visuals to a song that make you love the song even more than you thought was possible. It was a big year for highly visual music videos and I have no lack of material to add to this list. This is MY list and if you disagree then comment below and tell me what your favourites were this year.

11. Kanye West & Jay-Z, “Otis”

Two Words: Mercedes Maybach

10. Kelis feat. Calvin Harris, “Bounce”

Two Words: Vegas baby

9. Beyoncé, “Countdown”

Two Words: Costume changes

8. Lady Gaga, “Born This Way”

Two Words: Mother Monster

7. Robyn, “Call Your Girlfriend”

Two Words: One shot

6. Lady Gaga, “Judas

Two Words: Lipstick gun

5. Lykke Li, “Sadness Is A Blessing”

Two Words: Ultimate prostitute

4. Duck Sauce, “Big Bad Wolf”

Two Words: Crotch shot

3. Lady Gaga, “Marry The Night”

Two Words: White shorts

2. Duran Duran, “Girl Panic”

Two Words: Helena Christensen

1. Rihanna, “We Found Love”

Two Words: Peter Breeze

  • LS

    3 Gaga music videos? and one of them was Judas??? I don’t think there was really anything all that exciting with the Judas vid. I get why one would like BTW and MTN, but the Judas music video was just boring compared to her videography. Just a bunch of fancy dance moves and a guy on a bike.

  • shai

    two words : GaGa sucks.

    worst choices. otis?? for real? judas?! where is Monster?
    run the world ( girls)

    But def we found love is the best video of 2011.

  • kel awesome

    Agreed Shai Gaga sucks and is going to be the next cult leader with all her little monster minions…….

    We Found Love is one of my favorite vids from this year
    As well as LMAFO, Keisha, and Black Eyed Peas Meet me half way 🙂

  • Perry P

    I’m glad you put 1 or 2 anti-mainstream videos here.

  • Josh

    Judas? REALLY?? Try “most boring video of the year”

  • Erik

    So don’t understand how these were chosen. i agree on Robyn and Duran Duran (although the song is crap) but imo there were much better ones. Like ‘Hurricane’ by 30 Seconds to Mars (with a delicious Jared Leto) and (not that i’m a fan) but E.T. by katy Perry is at least better than Judas. GaGa has lost it with her simple songs too though. hate that last album but that’s another subject 😉

  • JuliusCaesar

    Oh Come on! 3 Gaga Music Videos!? You’re not that Music Video Addict! I Agree With Erik, “Hurricane” By 30 Seconds To Mars is awesome, “The One That Got Away” of Katy Perry is Simple but Floria Sigismondi (Director) Did A great Job! I Love “the Ghost Inside” Video From Broken Bells!

  • Slade

    Disagree with this list 110% This would be my list for worst music videos of 2011 maybe ever!!! Born this way… serious that video makes me and like everyone i know wanna kill ourselves she could have done amazing things with that video! EPIC FAIL NIC!

  • Alex

    Yay !!!! Love Riri ?