Top 10 Worst Songs Of The Nineties

Like any other decade, the nineties had it’s share of great and not so great music. I guess it’s all in the eyes ears of the beholder. From techno (La Bouche), to grundge (Nirvana, Offspring), to pop (Prozzak, Ace Of Base, etc), and many other genres – there was a little of everything. Recently, Rolling Stones released the results of an online poll they did where their objective was to determine the top 10 worst songs of the 1990s. Quite a daunting task if you ask me! Luckily their readers did the work.

I have to say, some of the finalists on the Top 10 List I do agree with, but others I have to disagree. Sure some of the songs weren’t amazing lyrically, but at that time, they were catchy, fun, current and that is why we still remember them today. I enjoyed them (but not all of them) and I’m not going to be ashamed to say that I listened to them as well. I had so many CDs in the nineties that turned out to be one hit wonders, and not surprisingly, some of them are on this list.

Check out the list below and listen to the songs if you want to hear some of the blasts from the plast.

10. 4 Non Blondes – “What’s Up?”

Here’s an example of a song where the lyrics were just so simple, but because it was so catchy, it caught on. I didn’t mind the techno version of this song.

9. Right Said Fred – “I’m Too Sexy”

Sure it was a one hit wonder, but this song was so much fun in its day. Everyone had it, everyone played it. I can’t tell you how many times I heard this song at weddings when I was a kid. LOL.

8. Baha Men – “Who Let The Dogs Out?”

Okay, this was just awful and should be number one on the list. Do you remember when this catch phrase was being used by audience members on trashy talk shows where a guy was cheating on his spouse. “Who let the dogs out,” they’d shout at him. LOL. Jerry Springer, Ricky Lake, Montel… It was a thing.

7. Celine Dion – “My Heart Will Go On”

I can’t say that this could be one of the worst songs – it was so perfect on Titanic. That being said, it’s not a song you’d want to listen to over and over on its own.

6. Hanson – “MMMBop”

Yup, I’m glad this song is on the list. Although it got stuck in my head back in the day, that didn’t mean I wanted it to be there.

5. Chumbawamba – “Tubthumping”

This song was fun for a week or two, but then it just got old. Actually, the first concert I ever saw was them, Holly McNarland, LL Cool J, and All Saints. Chumbawamba was so awful live, people were throwing snowballs at them. It was a winter event.

4. Vanilla Ice – “Ice Ice Baby”

Again, another catchy song that was a huge hit at the time. An awful song when you look back on it now, but it was so much fun back then.

3. Billy Ray Cyrus – “Achy Breaky Heart”

Hahaha. This song. I’m pretty sure I know all the words to this song. It was played at every wedding and I’m pretty sure I learned a line dance to this song in gym class once. I hope it doesn’t break Miley’s dad’s achy breaky heart that he’s on this list!

2. Los Del Rio – “Macarena”

Although I can only make my own attempt at what their saying in this song, I can definitely do all the moves. Another classic wedding song from that time and it served it’s purpose. We dont’ really have any songs like this at the moment do we (meaning a song that has a set dance that goes with it)?

1. Aqua – “Barbie Girl”

You know, because of the name and concept of the song, I can see why this song is on this list. That doesn’t mean I don’t know all the words (because I do). I’m okay with this being on the list, but I definitely think that “Who Let The Dogs Out” is MUCH worse.

  • I love four songs on that list but the rest of them I totally disagree with. But then again, I like cheesy one hit wonders. I still remember “Groove is in the Heart” and “Cotton Eyed Joe” and they were both bad songs but always made me laugh and eventually I started liking them.

  • Yes! The Rednex with Cotton Eye Joe!! Good one!! Also, “I Like To Move It.”

  • Nic

    cotton eye joe. up. number one worst song.
    also….i have to….disagree….*ahem* with, *cough*….mmmbop. *hangs head*

  • Aqua

    Barbie Girl the worst Song ??? Are you sure about that? It was the most popular song of the 90s.
    Also Titanic song( Also very iconic song, What did you find bad about it?) and Macarena (very upbeat and catchy)… I mosly disagree with this list .. I like Who let the dogs out too.

    There are far worst songs from the 90s .. This List is not Right… Sorry.

  • keith

    what sort of weddings had ‘i’m too sexy’ and ‘achy breaky heart’ played at them? none that I went to. bad taste, even for the 90s.

  • Mixen

    Are you nuts? My Heart Will Go On, Barbie Girl, Macarena…all good songs and you CAN listen over and over

  • these are some of the BEST songs of the nineties. i think right said fred is the only one i would keep on the list. the others bring back such good memories, even ‘who let the dogs out.’

    i mean, 4non blondes? amazing.

  • Juju

    Uhm I love 10, 7, 5, 2, and 1!