Top 10 Most Memorable Commercials


Now that we have TIVO, PVR, and DVD sets we don’t necessarily have to watch commercials as much as we used to. That being said, I have years and years of brainwashing from commercials that has shaped me into the person I am today. Well, I wouldn’t go that far…but you get the idea. Now, I’ve compiled my Top 10 most memorable commercials with criteria of them simply being extremely funny, having a catchy “this song is stuck in my head” kind of jingle, having an element of “I want this product so I can reinact the commercial,” or they were just plain brainwashing.

10. Rice Krispies Treats
Here’s a classic. The mom is in the kitchen pretending to slave away over making Rice Krispie’s squares, when really (since they are so easy to make) she’s just kicking back and relaxing. It’s such a clever ad and I’ve always wanted to reenact the throwing flour and walking into a room with my elaborate Rice Krispie’s Squares.

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9. Head On
This one would fall into the category of BRAINWASHING. They aren’t even being subtle about it! No subliminal messages here- they went HEAD ON with it. “Head On. Apply directly to the forehead. Head On. Apply directly to the forehead. Head On. Apply directly to the forehead.” We get it. Check it out…

8. Juicy Fruit
This one falls into that jingle category and some of the lyrics were kinda funny. I remember a family friend singing the lyrics to the song, while pretending to pick his nose: “Take a sniff, pull it o-ut. The taste is gonna move ya when you pop it in your m-outh!” See? Gross, but it worked with what he was doing. Anyway, one of those jingles you will never get out of your head.

7. Grey Poupon
I think everyone reenacted this at one point or another, and I believe there were numerous spoofs done on these commercials, where having this fancymustard made you a somebody. “Excuse me…Do you have any Grey Poupon?”…”But, of course.”

6. Wrigley’s
This one is along the same lines as the Wrigley’s gum, except they go further. The jingle is there, but when things are going wrong, all you have to do is pop a Mentos in your mouth, making your breath fresher, and all of your problems will go away. Lose your job? Pop a mentos. Crash your car? Pop a mentos. Well, those scenarios were not in any of the commercials, but it IS essentially what they are suggesting. These commercials were so part of our culture in the 90s that the Foo Fighters spoofed the whole concept in their music video for “Big Me“.

5. Don’t You Put It In Your Mouth
Now unfortunately for all you Americans out there, this badboy was only available in Canada, so I’m sure a lot of you poisoned yourselves accidentally, and I’m sorry to hear that. Make sure your kids see this. I still remember all the lyrics and rest assured that I didn’t put anything bad in my mouth…until i was a teenager…and adult. Anyway, enough about me, watch the commercial already!

4. Zest
This jingle was great, but my favorite part of this commercial comes towards the end when they do the triple take with the Zest Towel. Their tagline is pretty good too: “You’re not fully clean unless your Zest fully clean.” Well then, Ima get me some Zest then. Not. My store does not sell Zest. We sell the best. Tehe. Look, I made a tagline! Ugh, I need a nap – haha. Check it out!

3. Sure
This one is just funny. All the embarrassing situations in which people’s sweat stains are preventing them from being able to raise their hands. I think some of Britney’s “Slave For You” song was inspired by this commercial actually. The breathy “ha ha ha” she does, as compared to the “Sure….Unsure…ha,ha,ha.” Check out the commercial and you’ll see what I mean! I’m not crazy. I’m not that crazy, I mean.

2. Vim
This is certainly one of my favorite commercials of all time. If you remember the first time you watched it, you know why. It’s just brilliant. I don’t want to say too much in case some of you haven’t seen the commercial yet. So check it out and enjoy. It speaks for itself.

1. Soesman Language Training
This is the funniest commercial. Ever. Of course it never aired on North American TV, but it certainly was viral over the internet. I believe it’s a Swedish commercial. It’s so freaking funny and effective. I kinda like the song too…hehe.

  • No New York Lottery Sweet Million’s bunnies?

  • topher

    Ugh, blasphemy patrick. The most famous commercial of all time, Apple’s macintosh reveal.

  • Dan

    OMG i so remember loving the rice krispies comercial. I think you forgot the herbal essence comercials.. They created a lot of buzz

  • Berror

    The Soesman Language Training commercial is Dutch.

  • MrVrin

    The Soesman Language Training commercial wasn’t even on dutch national television (correct me if i’m wrong). Looking at the phonenumber i guess it’s from Delft, famous for the great painter Vermeer