Man, I’m such a sucker for slick music video and shirtless b-boys. As sad as it is to say, the quality of the video can heavily influence my like/dislike for a song. My feelings for a song that I’m on the fence on like “Make My Heart”, can be easily swayed after viewing its accompanying visual. Luckily for Miss Braxton, j’adore her new video.

It’s nothing groundbreaking nor completely original, but I still love it nonetheless. The video premiered this week on the Logo network and it’s no wonder why it did… it’s a whole LOTTA G.A.Y. From big-breasted black women pumping their boobs to lots of sashaying, voguing and PCD dancing, the video is truly catered for us gays. To top it all off, throw in a few glimpses of a topless sexy breaker grinding their hips and I’m completely sold.

“Make My Heart” is one of the first two singles released from Toni’s forthcoming album “Pulse” which is scheduled to drop on May 4th. Braxton filmed videos for both singles in March under veteran music video director Billie Woodruff’s helm. Woodruff has done numerous R&B music videos and even directed two of my guiltiest pleasures, “Honey” which starred Jessica Alba and “Beauty Shop” featuring Queen Latifah.


What did you think? Don’t you feel like heading over to an underground club and performing a choreographed grand entrance with your boys like the ones shown in the video. Don’t you think Toni looks smoking hot in that black “Riddler”-inspired cat suit? For a 42-year-old woman, she has a pretty slammin’ body.

Here are a few screens from the video:


Umm. Can anyone explain why church ladies and groovin’ to Toni Braxton in an underground club with gays and break dancers?


With her super-hero inspired costume and blue fierce bracelets, she’s almost looks like a modern day Wonder Woman deflecting lasers with her enamel accessories.


No commentary needed here. A picture is worth a thousand words. YUM times 1000.


None needed here either. Can we all cumulatively say… LE SIGH? I’d put a few dollar bills down his pants if he were a stripper.