Model Behavior: Tommy Herd

After featuring models across the globe the past few weeks, I thought I’d pick one from North America this week. Redd had suggested a super duper hottie this week, but unfortunately he’s European, so he’ll have to wait til next week’s Model Behavior to join my model roster. Be sure to come back next Tuesday to learn Redd’s suggestion. You won’t be disappointed.

In the meantime, meet Tommy Herd. The 6’0″ stud was born in Los Angeles but lived in Canada for several years to pursue a career in hockey. Unfortunately for him, after suffering multiples concussions he traded his hockey career for one on the catwalk. Hockey’s loss is the fashion industry’s gain. He quickly signed with an agency and has booked gig after gig. Some of his notable clients include Polo Ralph Lauren, JC Pennys and American Eagle. Herd has also appeared in several magazines including Style Magazine, V Man and the superbly gaytastic French publication Tetu. Wait til you see his super sexy cover and pictorial from there.

Herd may look super young due to his baby face, but he’s actually 24-years-old. There’s no mistaking he’s not all man after drooling over his beefy body. That can be attributed to his years of being an all-around jock. In addition to hockey, Tommy played football and rugby as well. Check out a bevy of shirtless pics of Herd below. You’re welcome in advance.

Tommy Herd Model Stats

Height: 6’0″
Waist: 32
Suit: 40
Shoe: 10
Hair: brown/red
Eyes: green

I love his ginger auburn hair color.

Simon says, raise your hands. How I can I get Simon to instruct him to do a few other actions *wink*?

I figured I’d show a couple of pics of him with clothes on to show he’s actually a fashion model.

The epitome of a twunk- a beefy twink.

Tron meets Gaga meets Derelict.

I love a dude who fills out a pair of tighty whities.

TGIF for low cut jeans. Looks like the carpet matches the drapes.

Obvi you can tell I have a white underwear fetish. LOL.

I’d have a bowl of his Hell-oggs every morning. I’m sure the nutritional value is exactly what I need to start the day right.

Hello bicep!!! Nice to meet your acquaintance.

He definitely fills out a tank top nicely, doesn’t he?

I’m sure his issue of Tetu sold out on newsstands. Sexy sells.

Besides tight white underwear, wet t-shirts are also up my alley.

Posing for Polo Rugby. I’d gladly join their scrum.

How many Star Spangled Banner sexual puns come to mind when you see the flag draped over his sexy torso.

About to reveal his “head”. Personally, I’d like to see his other one.

He deserves more gold stars for his hotness, don’t you agree?

  • Slade

    Found a hottie for you! not sure if you have used him already! Danny Schwartz

  • your blog..would be interested in exchanging links..let me know.

  • metty

    he reminds me of kent boyd from SYTYCD7

  • R

    Hair: Green! I love typos like that- I make them really often myself.