You can’t mention Los Angeles’ gay night club scene without mentioning Tom Whitman. The two are practically synonymous with each other. After checking out Whitman’s Cherry Pop night at Ultra Suede the night before, the studly club promoter took some time out of his hectic schedule to chat with’s Alex and Adam the next day.

Before venturing into club and event promotions, Tom worked in the television/film industry, primarily for MTV and Nickelodeon. With his production experience work for The MTV Movie Awards and various concerts for artists like Britney Spears, Whitney Houston and many others, Whitman decided to transfer his skills to club promotions full-time after throwing a few uber-successful events.

Besides putting on more than 200 events a year in the Los Angeles area, he’s a busy philanthropist. Cognisant of the fact, he benefits from the gay community, he has no qualms about devoting his time to giving back to the community. He’s donated his time and efforts to AIDS Project Los Angeles, GLAAD, HRC, The Trevor Project and others. And if he wants busy enough, he also co-owns a stylish furniture store in WeHo called

In the interview below, Tom discusses LA nightlife, his current roster of events, his love life and how he helped put Lady Gaga on the map. If that doesn’t interest you, watch’s Adam shamelessly flirt with him near the end of the interview. Thankfully Adam kept it PG for the camera. Prior to meeting with Tom, both Alex and I were left gasping with some of the questions Adam thought about asking.


  • CHERRY POP: Weekly Saturday event at Ultra Suede. Features go-go dancers, choreographed dance routines, and special performances by today’s pop stars. Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Wynter Gordon have all made guest appearances here.
  • SIZE: What better way to spend Sunday afternoon (the Gay Friday) than drinking, gawking at hot underwear-clad go-go dancers at Here Lounge. They also serve a mean burger in the BBQ area. The event has been going on since 2001.
  • ELEVATION: If you’re tired of the sunny hot LA weather, why not spend five days at Mammoth Gay Ski Week being one of the many ski bunnies looking to get their groove on.
  • SANCTUARY: In conjunction with SBE, Whitman is looking bring back the core group of guys who help make The Abbey into a world famous nightspot from it’s humble coffee house beginnings. It’s time to take back The Abbey on Thursdays.
  • WONDERLAND: Considered the largest annual Gay Pride party on the West Coast. Held at the backlot of Paramount Studios, the event features more than 3500 attendees each year for fireworks, dancers, carnival rides, aerialists and other eye-popping spectacles. It’s NOT too late to purchase tickets for this year’s event. Click here for more details.
  • It promises to be an event you won’t soon forget.

For additional information of any of “Tom Whitman Presents…” events, check out the OFFICIAL WEBSITE:

Why should you attend WONDERLAND, check out the video below to hear Tom Whitman’s reason.