See Tom Hardy’s Not So “Hardy”

If you’ve ever wondered what the hunky “Inception” star was packing, well wonder no more. Tom Hardy is taking it all off for the sake of art. He appears in a film short titled, “Sergeant Slaughter, My Big Brother“, directed by Greg Williams. The English actor plays an abusive older brother who’s eminent enlistment into the French Army fuels the rivalry between him and his younger brother.

Sergeant Slaughter, My Big Brother” was filmed in Berkshire last year. It makes its debut at the 1st annual New York Digital Short Film Festival on March 28, 2011. Here’s some info about the festival:

The New York Digital Short Film Festival is an industry-changing event focusing on Innovation in Filmmaking using State of the Art DSLR Digital Video Technologies. This film festival is for the filmmaker who exhibits excellence in Directing, Writing and Cinematography with an emphasis on stretching the limits of today’s standards in film.

If you’re in the New York area, you can catch a screening at The Directors Guild of America Theatre. You can purchase tickets for this event through the festival’s website. But if want to watch it in the comfort of your home or during some down time at work, you can see the short below. Keep in mind there is some nudity in the clip.

Sergeant Slaughter, My Big Brother

What did you think? Didn’t he look super hot wearing nothing but a Green French Beret? OUI. The instant I saw Tom Hardy in “Inception”, I was a fan. So much so, I chose him as one of my Man Crushes in 2010. I can’t wait to see him in the upcoming Batman flick. Hopefully, there’s a nude scene in that one as well. Perhaps, Christian Bale has problems with his “utility belt” that only Tom Hardy can fix 😉