Do you like your men big, burly and hairy? You’re not alone. Tom Goss does as well. The openly-gay singer-songwriter penned a catchy little ditty titled, appropriately enough, “Bears,” and filmed a music video for it.

“We are overrun with images of perfect men, in perfect clothes and perfect bodies,” Goss says, “and as a result, many people doubt their self-image. This video showcases what it means to be beautiful and sexy, regardless of size.”

Directed by Aram Vartian and Michael Patrick Key, the clip is a cornucopia of bear daddies. Whether slipping and sliding at a “bearbecue” or dancing (and sweating) the night away on a crowded dance floor, men of all shapes, sizes and varying degree of body hair are featured. If you like your guys smooth and smaller though, there’s plenty of gratuitous shots of Tom as well. Enjoy.

Tom Goss Bears – Gay Bear