The Best Tom Ford “I” Moments In A Little Over A Minute

My friend Steve Adams over at Steamy Windows Productions just sent me this hilarious video they put together that will give you a better understanding of who Tom Ford, the icon is and what exactly is inside a creative mind like his. “I merely wanted to make a little montage of Tom Ford’s ‘I’ moments,” says Adams. “What. A. Genius.”

It literally is just that. Adams pieced together countless clips of Ford talking about himself from OWN’s Visionaries: Tom Ford documentary. The clips either include him saying “I,” “me,” or “Tom Ford”. It’s a little ridiculous how many times he says it.

Thank you Steamy Window Productions for creating this gem! Can’t wait to see what they come up with next. Enjoy the short video (jam packed with wisdom) below.

  • Sandy

    Thanks, Steamy Windows, for proving that Tom Ford really is a genius. ‘Cause only geniuses can come up with lines like:

    There is a very … squiggly line (glances up to check if the interviewer “gets” it) between Tom Ford the man and Tom Ford the brand.

    There’s probably not an hour in the day where I *don’t* work.

    I think I’m sick of nude.

    I am someone who seems to have mass … *TASTE*. (Shakes his head slightly — he is close to astonished with the brilliance of his own aperçu).

  • Dave

    I agree that he does come off pretty pompous, but to be fair, the documentary is about him and his life. If a documentary was about any of us, I think we’d talk about ourselves a lot. Although, there could have been more thanks for the people that helped him along the way.