Tom Daley & Tyler Oakley Play ‘Celebrity Abs’ Guessing Game

tom-daley-tyler-oakleyImagine if there was an actual game show where guessing celebrity abs could lead to a huge jackpot. A sexy Jeopardy if you will. I’d be a zillionaire in no time 🙂

Tyler Oakley challenged Tom Daley to a game of “Celebrity Abs.” Both would look at close-up pictures of a washboard stomach and try to guess which famous male celebrity they belonged to. The British Olympian did quite well when it came to younger smooth torsos. Guess we know now what he’s into.

Scott Eastwood also appears in the Eye Candy Episode of Oakley’s YouTube talk show. Watch all the fun shenanigans below.

The Tyler Oakley Show: The Eye Candy Episode with Tom Daley and Scott Eastwood