Tom Daley Goes Naked For Keek

Some celebrities go naked for special causes like PETA, while others do it at the drop of a hat. TGIF for that. On Saturday night, Tom Daley was covered head to toe dressed as Penguin to a Halloween party in London. He was accompanied by One Direction’s Liam Payne who went as Batman. Talk about a cute couple 😉 Come Sunday, Daley shed his costume and everything else, posing naked. He sure loves showing off that toned body, doesn’t he? Not that I’m complaining.

The Olympic diver posted the revealing photo on his Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts to promote his Keek profile. Just in case you were wondering, Keek is a free online social network, which enables the users to upload videos as updated statuses. “Cheeky pic 😉 everyone follow me on keek! You will love it 😀” the 18-year-old Olympic diver captioned the picture. Obviously, he’s not completely naked. A strategically placed sign informing his fans of his Keek account covers his British “bronze medals“. Check it out below.

Do you have a Keek account? What do you think Daley and Liam Payne chat about during their partying nights? Which of the two would you rather? Sound off below.

  • if he has no hair on this head, surely he looks like an alien.

  • pacific792

    He showed a lot more skin during the Olympics.

  • billy boy

    He needs to fire his spray tan person!!

  • Sean

    Tom Daley is adorable, but this is the most unattractive picture I’ve ever seen of him.
    Congrats you made a cute guy look FUG.

  • Ode

    OMG I’m lusting after someone who was born in 1994

  • Cute naked guy aside… why the hell do we need ANOTHER social media site? Enough already.

  • Rodknee

    In this particular photograph, I must say the best attribute highlighted here is DEM LEGS!!