Tom Daley Gets Wet In Sexy Photo Shoot For ‘Fabulous’ Magazine

A while back I wrote about the fact that the sexy Tom Daley of the UK had a wax model replica made of himself by Madame Tussauds. He and his buddies also filmed their own video to LMFAO’s “Sexy And I Know It” which was hot enough to melt the wax from his own replica.

Now, the UK’s ‘Fabulous Magazine‘ has shot the hot British Olympic Diver for the cover of their magazine and Daley looks hot as ever. Let me put it this way, Daley is pretty much the David Beckham in the making of the diving community and I’m sure this year is just the start of him becoming a sex symbol.

Watch the sexy behind-the-scenes footage of the photo shoot, involving his washboard abs and buckets of water. I’ve also included some of the “Fabulous” photos as well. Enjoy!

  • Steve-O

    I don’t think the pictures do him justice. He looks much better in some of the video’s candid scenes

  • rogelio

    he doesn’t look as cute in the pictures as in the video. He is a beautiful young man with an almost perfect smile, and those photos make him look so just ok.

  • Agreed, the photos aren’t near as good as the video…and Tom is SMOKING hot!!!

  • Blake

    Too bad he is more like GL than MM, without the justification that GL had.

    Though I will admit that he is attractive, Matthew Mitcham overtakes him in all aspects.

  • Bob

    Those sloe eyes are to die for. Shades of the yount Keanu Reeves.

  • Bob

    Of course I meant “young” Keanu Reeves.

  • Anderson

    How old is this kid and hes got all these queers ogling over him, kind of a disturbing thought.

  • Nameless

    Strange, the still photos definitely do not do him justice according to what we see in the video. He clearly has a chiseled body from what we see in the video but the still images make it look like his abs are airbrushed/fake and in fact makes him look less defined than he actually is.

  • MTVCelebrity

    He’s at least 18 years old, almost 19. 1. You have no idea how old we queers are, 2. He’s fucking gorgeous and I’m a year older than him, 3. What does age have to do with admiring a young man in college? He’s not a child you creep. && 4. You’re the one on “HOMOrazzi” looking at the exact same thing we are commenting on the exact same topic and your call us disturbing queers? Lmaoo you’re in denial babe :-* but enjoy what you can behind your computer screen while the rest of us who are man enough to be who we are and “oogle” who we want can actually live our lives and be happy. Give your future wife my sincerest regards. Xoxo <3 ps. I'm totes buying his calendar kthanks 😀