Tom Daley Takes Some Extreme Selfies Using Smartphone’s Squeeze Technology

When it comes to taking selfies (drunkenly), I’m the worst at trying to hit the shutter button on the camera app. I know there are other ways to set off the camera on my iPhone, but this fun little gimmick could be the answer to all my selfie woes. Apple get on it 😉

What happens when you combine Olympic diver Tom Daley with the HTC U11? Thanks to Edge Sense and an IP67 water resistance rating, some pretty epic selfies.

The 23-year-old Brit shows off the smartphone’s pressure sensitive areas located on its sides. Depending on the length of squeeze, you can configure your phone to turn on the flashlight, launch Google Assistant or activate the camera.

Watch the British Olympian below show off the camera’s functionality while diving off the high platform.

HTC U11: Epic Selfies with Olympic Diver Tom Daley