Go Behind The Scenes With Tom Daley For His 2016 Calendar Shoot


Tom Daley must make a bucket load of cash from his calendars. Year after year, the 21-year-old diver releases them for his adoring fans. I’m sure it’s a tradition that will continue for many more years to come.

The 2016 offering is already available now to purchase. If you think it’s too early to get it, it isn’t. The 16-month wall calendar begins with September 2015. Check out a recently-released behind-the-scenes clip of Daley’s calendar shoot. If possible, I think his abs are even more ripped than before.

Tom Daley 2016 Calendar Shoot

  • LittleDreamer

    Looks like Columbus Short got too scandalous for Scandal. (I’ll let myself out…)
    It’s too bad the show didn’t get the chance the delve more into his past.